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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Work-Space Not in Place

I moved my office to my other room because I don't want my customers to hear the dogs bark from outside my apartment. Sometimes the trucks that are being parked outside make a lot of noise in the mornings and afternoons. So I had to spare myself and my customer from the background noise whenever I take calls for my work.

I really would love to work at the "office" because it's more roomy and it really feels like a work space. This other room I'm working at right now has piles of clothes which sometimes distracts me while working.

I am planning to go back to the other room maybe after the wedding and make it my official workplace. I just have to have enough money to make if feel like a workplace with primacoustic installed so that the noise from outside the office space will not be heard each time I take calls. I have to have enough budget for that. It's going to be a side project for now because me and my fiance are saving money for the wedding. We will have that plan worked out after our wedding.

For now, I will be contented making the other room my work-space and the office our temporary bedroom. I will make final decisions about my work-space and bedrooms after the wedding. So help us, God! :)

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