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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I Will Always Be A Fan Of Kuerdas Band

Kuerdas band is a homegrown band that has become famous locally in GenSan and in nearby towns. They have performed in many different places lately and has been in and out of Island of Boracay. I am really proud to say that I was part of this band years back. And I have seen my cousins and the band itself grow and the artists evolved as real performers.

Members were also in and out. Some members removed themselves from the band for personal reasons but the band leader, Jayson was able to easily find replacements for them. I'm not exactly sure if they had a member who played the oboe. He must have lost his oboe reeds that's why he's no longer with the band. But Kuerdas has 2 wind instrument players who seemed to add flavor in the group.

I call them cute mascots because they seem to look like twins. LOL! They have choreography on stage that kept audience entertained. Well of course, their choreography did not overpower Mark's charm on stage. As a cousin, I think I'm obliged to say that Mark's performance captivate the crowd, as always. :D

Anyway, being at the background or being just one of the audience from crowd doesn't make me really feel envious with my former band's fame nowadays. I'm just glad that I had lasting memories with Kuerdas band. I will always be a fan!

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