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Monday, December 12, 2016

For Everything, I Am Grateful!

Earlier we celebrated our Church's Children's Worship Service (Pagsamba Ng Kabataan) Annual Thanksgiving day. 

The Church was filled with little boys and girls, some were accompanied by their parents, all dressed up for the occasion.

I was one of the teachers who delivered the sermon. It really was one of those moments I treasure most. I feel blessed that God has bestowed to me the gift to teach the younger generation to help strengthen their Faith and love for the Church and of course, love for the Almighty God.

This year's Thanksgiving day is extra special because it probably would be the last time I will have the opportunity to be at the pulpit and teach the little ones. After marriage, female teachers for Children's Worship Service like myself will not have the opportunity to teach the children at church anymore because we will have to take care of our household. There are still a lot of other church obligations I can choose from besides teaching the kids to keep myself active at our church locale. I'm looking forward to other church obligation but I will certainly miss being a teacher of God's words.

There are a lot of things that I thank God for this year. All throughout the year, he has blessed me and helped me in times of trials. He has never forsaken me. The best blessing that he gave me this year is that he answered my fervent prayer, to finally meet the love of my life and soon to be husband. I'm claiming it! LOL! I am getting married very soon, Thank God! And for everything else that is happening in my life right now, I am so grateful!

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