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Friday, September 9, 2016

Music And Brandon

Brandon, my nephew, has a good taste in music. Well, it's in the genes, I guess! Lol! I really would like to say that he get the music inclination from me, but I won't get all the bragging rights.

His grandpa has introduced to him 70's and 80's music. You couldn't believe it but this kid knows a lot of old songs and not so interested with the current songs, which for me is a good thing because I don't like the current music as well. A lot of songs nowadays don't even make any sense!

He knows songs from The Beatles and Carpenters and his favorite song from Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love, he'd play it on YouTube all the time.

He is even familiar with music instruments and some music technical stuffs. One day, when his Dad went home and brought with him a box which look like a Focusrite Saffire, Brandon came to him and asked why his Papa has it and if he'd like to make a home studio for that equipment. I just thought to myself, this is indeed a smart kid.

I really hope that Brandon will grow to be musically savvy and I even have dreams for him being a stage performer. I will really be proud to see him on stage and enjoy performing his own music. Well, who knows? My dream for him will come true?

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