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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Happy! Internet Finally Installed!

Today is so far, the happiest day since I moved in on my new apartment! I feel like singing and dancing! Haha! Finally, my PLDT internet has been installed!

I have waited for more than a week for the technicians to call and let me hear the good news. I finally got the call while I was sleeping after my shift this morning.

I have been having a hard time driving to and from my mother's place where my internet was initially installed. It's really frustrating especially that it was raining most of the time the past few days. Not to mention how tiresome it is to keep packing my laptop and all the accessories in my bag. There were even days that I was not able to work because of this issue. Now, I don't have any more reasons not to be able to go to work! My clients won't get pissed anymore for sure. And I get to earn more money!

Now that I have my internet installed in my new home, I will definitely going to be stress-free. If I have Johnson Guitars handy right now, I'd be playing one of them and sing my favorite song! LOL! I am really happy and I just couldn't hide it!

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