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Monday, September 19, 2016

Finally Found My Own Home

I have been trying to look for a nice apartment where I can have my own space. Not just to live on my own but a place where I can focus on my work.

I lived with my Mom for more than a year. It was stressful. I mean, I don't want to always ask everyone to lower their voice or be quiet especially if I need to answer calls from my customers. I badly need my own room where I can peacefully work and don't get worried that my clients or customers will hear background noises. I also was wanting to have my own bed, my own room. 

My new place is still a work in progress. It now has a bed, a small dining table, a few chairs, a stove and a washing machine. I need to buy a few more things so I can make my home pretty and comfortable.

I don't care if I need to spend some of my hard earned money so I can have a place I can call my home. I'm just happy that I found a house that I can call my own home!

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