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Monday, September 26, 2016

I Love My Serenity

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It was my day off yesterday. I was exhausted because we went to the city to be part of an Evangelical Mission hosted by our church district. We went home past 7 o'clock last night. After I dropped Brandon at my Mom's house, I went straight home, had dinner with my "Mahal" and then went to bed.

I slept the whole night. It's only Sunday evenings that I am able to get a full 8-hour sleep. That's why I woke up feeling refreshed this morning! I'm ready for this week's challenges!

It's a beautiful Monday morning in this part of the world! I woke up early and decided to take an early walk to buy eggs for breakfast. The weather is fine today. Thank God, it wasn't raining. I was able to enjoy my walk.

I really love my place. I love my serenity here. It's really quiet and calm. See? I can even blog! :D

Happy first day of our work week! Let's have a blast!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Happy! Internet Finally Installed!

Today is so far, the happiest day since I moved in on my new apartment! I feel like singing and dancing! Haha! Finally, my PLDT internet has been installed!

I have waited for more than a week for the technicians to call and let me hear the good news. I finally got the call while I was sleeping after my shift this morning.

I have been having a hard time driving to and from my mother's place where my internet was initially installed. It's really frustrating especially that it was raining most of the time the past few days. Not to mention how tiresome it is to keep packing my laptop and all the accessories in my bag. There were even days that I was not able to work because of this issue. Now, I don't have any more reasons not to be able to go to work! My clients won't get pissed anymore for sure. And I get to earn more money!

Now that I have my internet installed in my new home, I will definitely going to be stress-free. If I have Johnson Guitars handy right now, I'd be playing one of them and sing my favorite song! LOL! I am really happy and I just couldn't hide it!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Finally Found My Own Home

I have been trying to look for a nice apartment where I can have my own space. Not just to live on my own but a place where I can focus on my work.

I lived with my Mom for more than a year. It was stressful. I mean, I don't want to always ask everyone to lower their voice or be quiet especially if I need to answer calls from my customers. I badly need my own room where I can peacefully work and don't get worried that my clients or customers will hear background noises. I also was wanting to have my own bed, my own room. 

My new place is still a work in progress. It now has a bed, a small dining table, a few chairs, a stove and a washing machine. I need to buy a few more things so I can make my home pretty and comfortable.

I don't care if I need to spend some of my hard earned money so I can have a place I can call my home. I'm just happy that I found a house that I can call my own home!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pimple Stricken Face

Yes, I've been stressed out lately. I don't get enough sleep and I juggle hours for 2 clients I work for nowadays. Not to mention giving a bit of my time to take care of my nephew.

My hormone imbalance has been very evident nowadays. I have not even had my monthly period again. I have to have this checked by an OB-GYN when I have the time.

I want to live a normal life again, but I don't think I can afford it right now. I need to earn more for my future. Maybe I'll try to find a client who needs a worker during the day. I've been on graveyard shift for more than a year now, although working home-based. I will take a break from being on graveyard shift sometime soon. Just wait until I get settled down. I also have a wedding coming up next year. LOL!

That's a lot in my mind right now. Wait until I get settled and say goodbye to pimples.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Music And Brandon

Brandon, my nephew, has a good taste in music. Well, it's in the genes, I guess! Lol! I really would like to say that he get the music inclination from me, but I won't get all the bragging rights.

His grandpa has introduced to him 70's and 80's music. You couldn't believe it but this kid knows a lot of old songs and not so interested with the current songs, which for me is a good thing because I don't like the current music as well. A lot of songs nowadays don't even make any sense!

He knows songs from The Beatles and Carpenters and his favorite song from Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love, he'd play it on YouTube all the time.

He is even familiar with music instruments and some music technical stuffs. One day, when his Dad went home and brought with him a box which look like a Focusrite Saffire, Brandon came to him and asked why his Papa has it and if he'd like to make a home studio for that equipment. I just thought to myself, this is indeed a smart kid.

I really hope that Brandon will grow to be musically savvy and I even have dreams for him being a stage performer. I will really be proud to see him on stage and enjoy performing his own music. Well, who knows? My dream for him will come true?