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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sickly On A Sunday

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I have been feeling unwell for a week now. The changing weather had it's toll on me apart from being over fatigued the past month or so. Since the last helper moved out, I was left being the one taking care of the household. The nephew kept waking me up during my slumber to cook food for him. Not only did the weather get me, the sleepless days also got the toll on me. :)

I was just glad that before I got sick last Sunday, a new helper came. I was really thankful that finally someone would be able to attend to my nephew's hunger and somehow clean the house for me while I'm sick.

I've been barking like a dog at Church service last night. I just thank God that this morning, while I was teaching Children's Worship Service, I was able to finish the lesson without coughing. God's guidance was with me earlier today. I feel so blessed.

Today is Sunday. There's actually a lot to do at home but I still couldn't do much. I don't have fever anymore but I still have cough. I hope it ceases so I can start helping out with the household chores. There really is a lot of cleaning to do.

I hope I get well pretty soon because I'm planning to go back to the gym. I have to because I'm gaining so much weight now. I have to lose weight because I don't want to be a fat bride on my wedding!

So please help me get better, dear Lord! 

Happy Sunday y'all!