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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kenny G And Work

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I have been working from the wee hours of the night until the sun rises. I have worked the graveyard shift in the past employments. The only difference now is that I didn't have to go out in the middle of the night and hail a cab for work. After dinner, if I don't work a few hours with my 2nd client, I spend a little cuddle time with my nephew and put him to bed afterwards. As soon as he's dozed off to la-la-land, I sit in front of my computer and begin working my full time job. 

If I have an hour or two to sleep, I'd take advantage of it because most of the time these past few weeks, I don't get enough sleep anymore. And this becomes a problem because it causes me to be sleepy at work. So I had to do something to keep myself awake.

Most often, I'd listen to Kenny G's music. Although it's relaxing, it doesn't make me feel sleepy at all. The perfect pitch of his Saxophone awakes my senses. LOL! I wonder if he changes his sax neck to a wwbw saxophone neck since he uses his instrument a lot. Well I think he does. According to Wikipedia, he started playing the instrument in 1966 when he was only 10 years old. And it made him a world-class artist.

His music is truly amazing. It brings you to a happy place, I very seldom see musicians here in my province who plays the saxophone. But whenever I see one, I have high respect for them. It isn't that easy to blow your heart out just to be able to play a beautiful melody. It takes years of practice for sure.

Some people doze off when they listen to Kenny G's song, I don't. His music awakens my soul and keeps me up and inspired at work.

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