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Friday, March 25, 2016

No Summer Getaway for Brandon

School year has ended and it is summer time. However, instead of going on a summer getaway, we are holding that off because our Brandon (my lovable and huggable nephew) is attending summer classes. He is smart but he's a bit challenged with his Match subject. So I have to get him ready for next school year's Mathematics.

It is not going to be a boring summer class because I'll have him choose another class that will enhance his talent and skills. He can either go to a painting class or a piano/voice class. Well, I hope he'd choose the latter because a teacher who owns an s650 Key Arranger workstation is willing to train him. And I really would love for him to be more interested in music just like me! Haha!

I am looking forward for our Brandon's upcoming summer escapade. It won't be fun under the sun on a beach somewhere but it's definitely worth spending his summer for. New learning and training awaits our bog boy!

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