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Monday, June 9, 2014

I'm Still Here

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I'm not really good at keeping promises - especially to myself. I let my 2 blogs down, once again. More than two months of hiatus! How that happened? I just went completely lazy. Too lazy to even make a 60-word article.

But I never thought of turning my back on my blogs. I just couldn't that. My blogs have been here for years already. Besides, I really don't want to give up writing per se. No matter how lame I write. I still want to put the words in my mind into writing. I just have to learn how to improve my writing skills. I know I still suck but I honestly want to write like a pro.

I remember the movie "Finding Forrester". It's about an intelligent young man who dreamed of becoming a writer. He found a mentor, William Forrester (Sean Connery) who taught him to write from the heart. It's that scene in the movie that stuck in my mind - Forrester teaching the kid how to write at the same time talk about something different with what he was writing. He just wrote eloquently from the heart. I really wish I can write like that.

I know it's been years that I've been blogging but I'm still not confident with my writing skill. But please bear with me. I'm still educating myself and hopefully in time, I'd be able to write some good ones.

I don't want to promise to blog at all times. But I'm still here. Just so you all know.

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Lainy said...

I hear you, Banget! We are on the same boat. Apir! Hahaha! It might be intermittent but the thing is, you'd still love to write no matter how irregular it is.

Right! As long as you right something from the heart, everything will follow. You do write well. Keep it up. Miss yah! Mwah!