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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The 5-Day Homecoming – The Final Day

It’s the last day of our vacation. I have been hugging and kissing Brandon the previous night. He knew we were leaving for Manila but he’s not anxious about it anymore. Unlike when he was a bit younger, he’s got separation anxiety. Whenever someone leaves, he’d cry his heart out. Sigh. My favorite nephew is indeed growing up so fast. This time, he knew I had to leave because my job is in Manila. He’s aware that if I don’t have a job, I won’t be able to come home often and bring home toys. That’s why it’s really alright for us to leave this time. LOL!

Before our scheduled flight in the afternoon, we decided to see my older brother – Aleksander. He’s a policeman and was tasked to operate in Maasim, Sarangani Province. He wasn’t allowed to come home the previous days so we had to come to him.  That means, travelling for more than 2 hours to get where he’s at. We didn’t mind at all. I would want to see how my big brother is doing. He’s been through a lot the past year – his girlfriend died in a road accident. It was devastating. So I wanted to know how he has been holding up.

Anyway, so off we went to Kuya’s post. We didn’t get bored on our way while commuting because the way to Sarangani Province is really beautiful. The travel would’ve been smooth if we have our own car for transportation. It’s nice to stop by some of the nice views and take pictures, you know.

My big bro is already waiting in the shed on his post right beside the highway. We didn’t have a hard time looking for him. We did a little chitchat. He met my boyfriend, asked some questions and later on we decided to have lunch together. The only thing missing about this family gathering are pictures. We forgot all about taking memorable photos because we were busy catching up.

My brother has matured a lot. He's a different guy now, in a good way. His job isn’t the easiest but I’m glad he’s okay with it. My younger brother is also planning to have the same career with Kuya since his application as a nurse overseas didn’t bring back good results. Anyway, working here in the Philippines is way better than being miles and oceans away from us, his family and of course his cuddly son, Brandon. I hope and pray he gets the job really soon.

After a few hours of chitchat with my older brother, my boyfriend and I had to leave to catch our flight. While we were on our way to the airport, I asked Brandon how he felt about it. He said he's okay and that we're going back on Sunday. Everybody laughed. He thought it was that easy for us to go back home with him. How I wish we can just come home on Sundays. :)

Moments before we finally checked in for our flight, photos were taken by my cousin, Mark. By the way, not only was he our photographer, him and Aunt Rose found the time to drive us to the airport. We were just so lucky! There were lots of goodbye hugs and kisses from my Aunt and Mom. It was picture perfect especially on my boyfriend's part. It was cute and memorable.

It's always difficult to leave my family behind but I had to. I'm still lucky I'm just in Manila. Even though I'm miles away from them, I can still come home whenever I have the time and money. I'm still dreaming about the day I'll be staying with them for good and never have to leave for a job away from home.

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