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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Giving Time For Online Opps

Blogging on the side works for me but blog opportunities have been scarce lately. Well, I haven't really been focused into this sideline so I have no one to blame but myself.

There are actually a lot to of opportunities online. I just couldn't give myself the chance to look for them. I'm really too busy. Aside from being at work for 8-hours during weekdays I also have to give at least 2 hours for work out (that includes the travel time) and come home really exhausted. I get too lazy during weekends after I'm done with all my church obligations. I just wanted to spend time on my bed and some of my time with my boyfriend. It's the only time of the week that we get to spend time with each other. I'm too lame in managing my time. I easily get distracted with Facebook, tv, candy crush and sometimes, yeah, I get distracted by my boyfriend. LOL! He's a sweet distraction, anyway.

If I resist browsing my friend's statuses on Facebook, watching tv and playing candy crush, there will be a lot of things I'd be able to accomplish. Who knows I'd get myself into other businesses like trade printing? I know I'd find some more ways to earn online. I just have to focus. 

I'll begin giving 2 hours of my time to online chores from today, on-wards. How's that for a starter? :)

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