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Monday, February 17, 2014

The 5-Day Homecoming Vacay Part 3

It's swimming day! 

I think that I owe it to my nephew that we, as family, will go out swimming. He’s been asking me when we’re going out for the beach since we arrived. So swimming day it was! However, we didn't go to the beach. We went to a public swimming pool nearby. The place is called – Nature’s Bounty Resort. It looked really old now. It didn't look like it was even renovated. It’s the same old resort.

When my siblings and I were kids, our Mom brings us here to break the monotony of school and home. I remember how excited I was to play in the pool with my brothers. Nature’s Bounty Resort was the place we somehow learned how to swim. And it was the only public swimming pool in town. We’d spend the whole day in the pool despite the scorching heat of the sun and the crowd on weekends. We didn't mind. We were kids! It was so much fun!

There are several other swimming pools in town now but one of them was close for the day and the other doesn't allow cooking or grilling inside their compound. So we didn't have a choice but settle at this resort. It was still fun especially for Brandon.

Lainy's family drove all the way from GenSan to have fun with us. It was Shane’s birthday – she’s Lainy's sister-in-law. It was a good time to celebrate her birthday as well. The whole gang was there including the little boy – Morning Dew. 

I didn't swim with Brandon because I just had my hair rebonded. He kept asking me to swim with him but he later understood that as much as I’d like to, I can’t. I told him, “Tita’s hair will get destroyed if I swim.” He just said, “Okay, Tita. Just Tito JunJun and Brandon.” I feel a little jealous but it’s okay. I content myself on watching from the distance and snap memorable pictures of the gang.

The piggy back ride... LOL!

There goes Morning Dew's cute smile and the silly Brandon. hehehe

My boyfriend finally gave up! LOL!

Haha! My adorable nephew!!!

I promised myself to include swimming on a beach in my itinerary the next time I come home.

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