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Monday, February 17, 2014

The 5-Day Homecoming Vacay Part 2

The preceding days of our 5-day vacay in my hometown were spent visiting relatives and friends and checking the properties that my Mom has been telling me about. She wanted me to help decide on what to do with them but the final decision was still up to her. Me and my boyfriend just added some inputs on whatever is best to do with her properties. I promised her to help out on the finances once she started doing the projects. So help me, God. :D

We went to the farm that was recently vacated by the ungrateful tenant who lived on our land for years. He gave my Mother a lot of headaches. Finally, him and his family are out of the 1-hectare land. We all hope and pray they won’t come back and mess up with my Mother anymore. I'm really thankful for the moral support we get from some of my relatives. They are willing to help my Mom out no matter what. :)

It was quite a long and bumpy ride but he seemed to enjoy it. :)


We visited some of my beloved relatives in Tupi, South Cotabato after the farm visit. It was a weekday so we actually didn’t see most of my aunts and uncles. They were at work. We had lunch at a chicken house and spent few more hours with cousins and nieces. We headed home before the sun sets.

I wish on our next homecoming, it’ll fall on holidays so I’d get to see a lot of my beloved relatives. 

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