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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kuerdas Band In Koronadal City Tonight

Kuerdas Band, my former band, is having a gig at Koronadal City tonight. It's a 45-minute drive from home. I doubt if my boyfriend and I would still be able to watch them play on stage since we have to be in GenSan to see my bestfriend Czarina and her daughter Czij today. I hope we can go home early today and not feel exhausted. We might consider watching them on their gig this evening.

I haven't seen the band play for years already. Although they posted some of their videos online, it would be a different experience to watch them perform live on stage. Somehow, I also want to perform some songs with them on stage. My vacation would be perfect if that happens.

Two of my favorite cousins are part of the band - Mark and Jayson. I haven't really had an update of the band from them because we haven't really chatted that long when we were together. I don't know if they have new instruments like a majestic marimba at musicians friend. I have to see them to know if their music has truly upgraded. LOL!

I think we'll consider watching them tonight. I think we can make a few sacrifices just to make the most of our vacation! :)

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