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Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Gadget Or An ATV For Brandon?

It's 14 days to go for my homecoming! I kept counting days, obviously. I really can't wait to be home with my family and with my favorite nephew in the world! I'm really excited.

I watched one of the videos my cousin posted in Facebook recently. Brandon and another nephew - the younger and smaller Xyle, were caught playing a game on an Android tablet. The owner of the gadget is Xyle so he's the one initially holding it and my nephew by his side, watching and he seems like he's teaching the little guy how to play the game. As the owner, Xyle kept asking Brandon not to disturb him but to no avail. Until Brandon got the tablet and said : "I'll borrow, you watch!". The little guy ended up crying for help. Sigh. My Brandon is such a bully. He destroyed his own tablet and now he takes over Xyle's tablet. Poor little fellow.

As my homecoming is fast approaching, I've been thinking about purchasing an Android tablet for Brandon. However, sometimes I don't feel like buying him one. Not because I didn't want to. I don't want him to get addicted with gadgets and not play real child games. As I was browsing the internet, I saw this ATVs for kids! ATVs are small four-wheeled unit. They are really cool vehicles that I'm sure my Brandon would love to have. Now I'm torn between purchasing the gadget or getting him a brand new ATV. LOL!

Anyway, I still have to weigh my options. It also will depend on my budget, that is. I hope I would be able to decide before I come home. 

I'll see you very soon, Brandon!

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