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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trying To Cope With New Lifestyle

I am still trying to cope with my new schedule. I have been working the day shift since I began my career in my new job. It's not that I'm having a hard time trying to adjust to my career status now. I love it that I am employed at the company I really dreamed of working at and being in the day shift is a bonus. There are just some things I'm having a hard time to accomplish with the normal shift. Well, I guess I have to work out on how to manage my time well so that I can do all the things I need to accomplish.

I really want to be able to play music again. I haven't done that for the past months. It has been a while since I played my guitar. I wish I'd be able to manage my time well so that I can also do the things I'm really passionate about. I would love to play new instruments like being able to play the Fender Bass. If only I have enough time to do that.

It may take a time on getting used to with my new schedule but I'm pretty sure I will get the hang of this. I know eventually I'd be able to accomplish more with this new lifestyle.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What's Up With Blissful Me?

After I resigned from the previous company I worked for in three years, there were so many things that happened in my life. Not big but they were really "spiritually" productive. For more than a month of being unemployed (since I was waiting for my first day on my new job), I spent most of my time at Church doing my duties and obligations. With the help of the other officers at Church, I'm happy to say we were successful in doing what we were expected to do. And with that, we bring back the glory and honor to our Lord God, almighty! :)

I also spent a lot of time with friends and my boyfriend, of course. Since I'll be caught up with work on my new job, I made sure to make the most of whatever time I have to spend with them.

I also should have made updates on my blogs. Apparently, I didn't. I procrastinated a lot when it came down to doing my online chores to the point that I even forgot about visiting my blogs until today. I realized I have to make updates on them, or else I'll be missing some online opportunities. And I know it's time to get myself back on track to the blogging world again! LOL! I have been saying that in my previous posts but I mean it this time. Besides, I have to put my writing skills into practice once again. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Ber-Months

The month of September began more than a couple of weeks ago. Well, here in the Philippines, it's the beginning of the Christmas countdown for most of the Filipinos especially the member of the Roman Catholics. It's the "Ber-Months" which means it's the beginning of Christmas. Some of them have already begun hanging christmas ornaments in their homes. The festivity, which will actually happen months from now, has already begun.

As for me, I'm more excited about our family gatherings and the New Year's Eve celebration. I know it's wayyy to far from today but I'm really looking forward to it. I'd be able to spend that special event with my family. I just couldn't wait!

Goodbye And Thank You, Emerson

My world felt like it was spinning while I was on my way to work. There were a lot of things I was thinking about. I guess that day, being my last day at work, made me all the more anxious. My head hurt a bit.

My work schedule began at 7pm that Friday night. As soon as I got to the office, I immediately opened my emails and began working on the orders I'm scheduled to release. Sigh. It's my final day at Emerson yet there are still a lot of things I had to accomplish. I needed to stay busy the whole shift just so I won't have to face my colleagues and be mellow-dramatic about my exit. I just didn't want them to see me for the last time, cry like a baby.

The time flew really fast that when I checked the clock, it's 3 o'clock in the morning. It was only less than 2 hours before I bid farewell to my 3-year colleagues. By that time, I'm almost done deleting all the personal files I had on my computer until my boss, Mariane, asked me to follow her in one of those rooms for my final coaching. I was a bit confused but I was on my toes and followed her to the room. I thought, maybe she just wanted to see me cry for last time, LOL!

When I got to the room, all six of them (my team mates) were in the small room. There were food on the table. I was about to cry but I held my breath and tried as much as I can to smile. It was so sweet of them to do that for me.

It was always hard to say goodbye. I have been through this in my past employments. But it was different with Emerson. It was actually bitter-sweet. I owe the company a lot. It opened my mind to things I never imagined I'd be able to come across with in my life. I'm able to learn things I never thought my mind would ever grasp. LOL! Not that I'm dumb. I think the company was able to help me mature and taught me a lot to reach for my goals and aspirations. Emerson made me a better employee.

With the best boss everrr! :)

My bosses were really great, especially Mariane. She made me believe in myself and she made me believe I can do more. I was really lucky I was one of her subordinates. 

With the crazy Will! :)

As for my colleagues, they were okay. I never really connected with most them but Will. He's my little brother and he's the only person who understood my craziness. 

To the other guys, maybe they thought I was weird. I can't blame them. As the saying goes - beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. They can judge me however they want and I could care less. I'm just being myself. :)

As I was saying, it was really hard to bid goodbye to old friends and colleagues. Yet, there are a lot of things outside Emerson that I need to discover and there are a whole lot of friends out there that I'd be eager to meet. For now, I'd say goodbye to friends yet I'll be in touch with real ones...

Goodbye and thank you, Emerson!

I'm Ready For The New Beginning!

I haven't had a lot on my plate lately after I resigned from work. I've been a bum for more than 3 weeks now. What a life! I was able to spend a lot of time for my church obligations and was able to really get enough sleep that I was deprived with in the past 8 years. LOL! I'm exaggerating, again! And of course, I was able to spend time with my boyfriend.

If only I had enough money, I would have wanted to spend the past 3 weeks in my home province - GenSan and spend time with my family and More time on stage with the Kuerdas Band. Sigh. Too bad I didn't have enough money in my pocket for my plane ticket.

Well, the new chapter of my life is about to begin and I'm really excited! I'm ready for the new job and I'm more than ready to meet new set of friends! I'm ready for the new beginning! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Dream Of A Normal Life

I have always dreamed of having a normal life. For me, a normal life is being able to sleep soundly in the evening and wake up to a beautiful morning. I have always been a morning person. Although I'm able to experience that whenever I have my days off from work but it's not enough. I'm not really happy about it anymore, to be honest.

After more than eight long years of working the graveyard shift, finally, my dream of having a "normal" life is about to come true. In fact, I only have two more nights to work at Emerson until my resignation day which is going to be tomorrow.

I'm a bit sad because I will have to leave a few friends. And to tell you the truth, I love my job. I just have to sacrifice this job because of my Faith (which I'm going to explain further on my next post).

For now, I am more excited with what's going to happen in the next chapter of my life. I know I'll be in a better place, in God's help. I know He will not forsake me. And I am confident that this next journey in my life is going to be for a better future. :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Owning A Pet Dog - A Dream

Dogs are man's best friend - and so they say. I really couldn't relate to it because I don't own a dog. Well, not just yet. I can't afford to take care of a dog right now. Besides, I don't have a space for a pet in my small home. Maybe later in the future, I would be able to get myself a pet dog.

I can't afford to own a dog because I don't have time to take care of it. I have a lot on my plate here in Manila. Getting a dog would be an addition to a lot of my responsibilities. If it gets sick, I will need to have time to bring him to a vet so he'd get a vetprofen or other medication he would be needing. That's also going to be an addition to my expenses. Like I said, I wouldn't be able to afford it.

If ever I will go back home in GenSan, I might consider getting a dog. Brandon will be very excited about having a dog as his playmate. It will really be fun for sure. However, as long as I'm here in Manila, getting a dog and make it my best friend will remain a dream for me. I hope it will become a reality sometime soon.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I'm Not The Angry Daughter Anymore, Tatay...

image from google
The month of June is the month for Fathers - Daddy, Papa, Tatay, Ama - however you call them. Thanks to the advertisements and the social media, we are reminded to think about them on Father's Day.

I have read some articles of daughters, sons and mothers talk about the greatest man of their lives. I guess it's time for me to talk about mine.

To tell you the truth, I really don't know much about my Tatay. He wasn't around as I was growing up because my Nanay kicked him out of our house when I was 6. I remember how confused I was with what was going on while my little brother, who's a year younger than I am, cried so hard as if he knew what was happening. And I just stood there as I watched my father leave.

I basically grew up in a household without a father figure. My mother being a working Mom didn't have all the time to really look after us. So we basically do whatever we want as long as we're there when she gets home from work. Until one day, in my freshman year in high school, my father came back. It felt surreal but he was there at our doorstep, looking all surprised seeing his all-grown up teenage daughter. I was dumbfounded but I think I felt happy about him being home. That was the first time I remember I sat on his lap. Finally, I have my Tatay home with me.

It wasn't long before he discovered how rebellious I was. He wanted me to just stay at home and do the unending chores he's expecting his little girl to accomplish. We didn't get along because of his rules and because I was an angry kid. I didn't know how to express my feelings about everything. I did not really give myself a chance to get to know my father. I kept my distance from him.

I just knew him as a man for the oppressed laborers. He represented them along with his colleagues in the union. Yes, my father was an activist. One of the great men of KMU (Kilusang Mayo Uno). A lot of people looked up to him but me. Well, again, because I was an angry kid.

Looking back, I knew my father tried his very best to reach out to me. He bought me nice clothes, chocolates and boxes of fresh milk and whitening soap whenever he came home from work. It's funny because he wanted me to stay at home so that my skin won't get sunburned. That's what the soaps and boxes of milk were for. So when he learned of me joining the softball varsity team, he was so mad that he set up the 6 o'clock curfew. I had to rush home after the games. 

I was a tomboy and he wanted very much for me to be lady-like. I remember how happy he was when he learned I was taking piano lessons. He was there when I won first place on my piano recital. That was the only time we had our picture taken together. 

I remember the last day I saw my father. He asked me to take care of the house and my mother. Him and my brother were leaving for Manila that day. He told me to take very good care of myself. I can't remember if there were hugs and kisses, though. But for some odd reason, I felt it was our last time to see each other. I was so sad as I watched him leave and I cried profusely. After a month or so, he died of cardiac arrest.

I didn't know if I ever made my father proud when he was alive. All I know is he loved how I make his coffee and that he appreciated how tedious I was when it comes to ironing his clothes. I know in those simple gestures, I was able to make him happy. 

If I wasn't an angry kid most of the time, I would have had that chance of a "father-daughter talk" that I always dreamed of. If I wasn't an angry daughter, I would've known my father even better. There are just a lot of "what ifs" for me. All because I let my anger take over me most of the time. If he's still alive today, I'd thank him for my life and that I'm proud to be a daughter of an activist. I'd hug and kiss him once in a while. I would love to know more about him if only I did not waste so much time hating.We may have different views in life, but I'd tell him it's alright. I would love to listen to him now. 

I think he would be proud of me this time. I have changed, Tatay. I'm not the angry little kid anymore. If only you can see me now.

My father is Aurelio G. Cruz - an intelligent union leader.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads in the world...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

See You On Weekend!

It has been months of blog hiatus. You might be wondering what happened during months of absence. Nothing much, really. I haven't married, as well. And I'm guessing my boyfriend isn't shopping for masonic rings at to put on my finger for sure. We're not ready for that big thing either. Although we talk about it sometimes. :)

I really have a lot of stories to tell. Just give me time. I have time right now but I'm sick and couldn't concentrate on writing because my boyfriend's nephews are singing "Let It Go" in the background- out loud! Lol!

I hope I can go back to writing something good this weekend. I'll be back, I promise! ;)

Monday, June 9, 2014

I'm Still Here

image from google

I'm not really good at keeping promises - especially to myself. I let my 2 blogs down, once again. More than two months of hiatus! How that happened? I just went completely lazy. Too lazy to even make a 60-word article.

But I never thought of turning my back on my blogs. I just couldn't that. My blogs have been here for years already. Besides, I really don't want to give up writing per se. No matter how lame I write. I still want to put the words in my mind into writing. I just have to learn how to improve my writing skills. I know I still suck but I honestly want to write like a pro.

I remember the movie "Finding Forrester". It's about an intelligent young man who dreamed of becoming a writer. He found a mentor, William Forrester (Sean Connery) who taught him to write from the heart. It's that scene in the movie that stuck in my mind - Forrester teaching the kid how to write at the same time talk about something different with what he was writing. He just wrote eloquently from the heart. I really wish I can write like that.

I know it's been years that I've been blogging but I'm still not confident with my writing skill. But please bear with me. I'm still educating myself and hopefully in time, I'd be able to write some good ones.

I don't want to promise to blog at all times. But I'm still here. Just so you all know.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Giving Time For Online Opps

Blogging on the side works for me but blog opportunities have been scarce lately. Well, I haven't really been focused into this sideline so I have no one to blame but myself.

There are actually a lot to of opportunities online. I just couldn't give myself the chance to look for them. I'm really too busy. Aside from being at work for 8-hours during weekdays I also have to give at least 2 hours for work out (that includes the travel time) and come home really exhausted. I get too lazy during weekends after I'm done with all my church obligations. I just wanted to spend time on my bed and some of my time with my boyfriend. It's the only time of the week that we get to spend time with each other. I'm too lame in managing my time. I easily get distracted with Facebook, tv, candy crush and sometimes, yeah, I get distracted by my boyfriend. LOL! He's a sweet distraction, anyway.

If I resist browsing my friend's statuses on Facebook, watching tv and playing candy crush, there will be a lot of things I'd be able to accomplish. Who knows I'd get myself into other businesses like trade printing? I know I'd find some more ways to earn online. I just have to focus. 

I'll begin giving 2 hours of my time to online chores from today, on-wards. How's that for a starter? :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The 5-Day Homecoming – The Final Day

It’s the last day of our vacation. I have been hugging and kissing Brandon the previous night. He knew we were leaving for Manila but he’s not anxious about it anymore. Unlike when he was a bit younger, he’s got separation anxiety. Whenever someone leaves, he’d cry his heart out. Sigh. My favorite nephew is indeed growing up so fast. This time, he knew I had to leave because my job is in Manila. He’s aware that if I don’t have a job, I won’t be able to come home often and bring home toys. That’s why it’s really alright for us to leave this time. LOL!

Before our scheduled flight in the afternoon, we decided to see my older brother – Aleksander. He’s a policeman and was tasked to operate in Maasim, Sarangani Province. He wasn’t allowed to come home the previous days so we had to come to him.  That means, travelling for more than 2 hours to get where he’s at. We didn’t mind at all. I would want to see how my big brother is doing. He’s been through a lot the past year – his girlfriend died in a road accident. It was devastating. So I wanted to know how he has been holding up.

Anyway, so off we went to Kuya’s post. We didn’t get bored on our way while commuting because the way to Sarangani Province is really beautiful. The travel would’ve been smooth if we have our own car for transportation. It’s nice to stop by some of the nice views and take pictures, you know.

My big bro is already waiting in the shed on his post right beside the highway. We didn’t have a hard time looking for him. We did a little chitchat. He met my boyfriend, asked some questions and later on we decided to have lunch together. The only thing missing about this family gathering are pictures. We forgot all about taking memorable photos because we were busy catching up.

My brother has matured a lot. He's a different guy now, in a good way. His job isn’t the easiest but I’m glad he’s okay with it. My younger brother is also planning to have the same career with Kuya since his application as a nurse overseas didn’t bring back good results. Anyway, working here in the Philippines is way better than being miles and oceans away from us, his family and of course his cuddly son, Brandon. I hope and pray he gets the job really soon.

After a few hours of chitchat with my older brother, my boyfriend and I had to leave to catch our flight. While we were on our way to the airport, I asked Brandon how he felt about it. He said he's okay and that we're going back on Sunday. Everybody laughed. He thought it was that easy for us to go back home with him. How I wish we can just come home on Sundays. :)

Moments before we finally checked in for our flight, photos were taken by my cousin, Mark. By the way, not only was he our photographer, him and Aunt Rose found the time to drive us to the airport. We were just so lucky! There were lots of goodbye hugs and kisses from my Aunt and Mom. It was picture perfect especially on my boyfriend's part. It was cute and memorable.

It's always difficult to leave my family behind but I had to. I'm still lucky I'm just in Manila. Even though I'm miles away from them, I can still come home whenever I have the time and money. I'm still dreaming about the day I'll be staying with them for good and never have to leave for a job away from home.

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Precious Gift For Mom

Three days from today is my mother's birthday. If I just have lots of money, a surprise homecoming would've been a nice birthday gift for her. Too bad, I'm not rich at all. Sigh.

Since I won't be able to come home for my Mother's birthday, I have been thinking about sending a nice gift for her. Something she would really like. The last time I went home, I discovered my Mother's love for jewelries. So I went online earlier today and I was able to find something precious for my mom. It's a jewelry shop online which if my Mom would be able to find out about, I can definitely say she will love this site! I did!

I have other options for a gift but this precious thing from the jewelry site tops the list!

The 5-Day Homecoming Vacay Part 4

It was a laid-back Wednesday. We decided to just stay home and help clean up the house. I did the laundry and the cooking. My boyfriend cleaned up the house with the little guy. It was a bit of a hassle for him because Brandon was also there to make a mess and noise too. LOL! I can’t help but laugh just by looking at them. 

My mom was at the yard doing her stuff. My boyfriend offered to help her arrange the messy-forest-like garden but my Mother declined. She doesn’t want a clean garden, I guess. She doesn’t want JunJun to accidentally pullout her shrubs. 

It wasn’t really an exciting day but being there with my family and “Lovey” gave me a sense of belongingness. It’s the most wonderful feeling, you know. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

1st Placer At Tagum Musikahan Fest

Kuerdas Band won first runner up on a song writing competition in Tagum City last Saturday. I'm so happy for them and I'm really proud of this band. Not that I'm being biased since I'm cousins with the vocalist and band leader - Mark and Jayson and that I'm used to be part of the band years ago. I know for a fact that Kuerdas Band is going to be famous locally and I'm still hoping they will become known in the national music scene.

I haven't seen their performance yet and didn't know the song they played for the competition. But being the the 1st runner up out of the 10 finalists, they must have done their best on stage! Not just because of the instruments used like that of ultrasound amps at Guitar Center but especially because of the God-given talent that each of the members possess.

Kuerdas Band has come a long way. Although they are now famous in our hometown and some other neighboring cities and town in Mindanao, I know big things are still coming their way. 

Congratulations Kuerdas Band!

Monday, February 17, 2014

The 5-Day Homecoming Vacay Part 3

It's swimming day! 

I think that I owe it to my nephew that we, as family, will go out swimming. He’s been asking me when we’re going out for the beach since we arrived. So swimming day it was! However, we didn't go to the beach. We went to a public swimming pool nearby. The place is called – Nature’s Bounty Resort. It looked really old now. It didn't look like it was even renovated. It’s the same old resort.

When my siblings and I were kids, our Mom brings us here to break the monotony of school and home. I remember how excited I was to play in the pool with my brothers. Nature’s Bounty Resort was the place we somehow learned how to swim. And it was the only public swimming pool in town. We’d spend the whole day in the pool despite the scorching heat of the sun and the crowd on weekends. We didn't mind. We were kids! It was so much fun!

There are several other swimming pools in town now but one of them was close for the day and the other doesn't allow cooking or grilling inside their compound. So we didn't have a choice but settle at this resort. It was still fun especially for Brandon.

Lainy's family drove all the way from GenSan to have fun with us. It was Shane’s birthday – she’s Lainy's sister-in-law. It was a good time to celebrate her birthday as well. The whole gang was there including the little boy – Morning Dew. 

I didn't swim with Brandon because I just had my hair rebonded. He kept asking me to swim with him but he later understood that as much as I’d like to, I can’t. I told him, “Tita’s hair will get destroyed if I swim.” He just said, “Okay, Tita. Just Tito JunJun and Brandon.” I feel a little jealous but it’s okay. I content myself on watching from the distance and snap memorable pictures of the gang.

The piggy back ride... LOL!

There goes Morning Dew's cute smile and the silly Brandon. hehehe

My boyfriend finally gave up! LOL!

Haha! My adorable nephew!!!

I promised myself to include swimming on a beach in my itinerary the next time I come home.

The 5-Day Homecoming Vacay Part 2

The preceding days of our 5-day vacay in my hometown were spent visiting relatives and friends and checking the properties that my Mom has been telling me about. She wanted me to help decide on what to do with them but the final decision was still up to her. Me and my boyfriend just added some inputs on whatever is best to do with her properties. I promised her to help out on the finances once she started doing the projects. So help me, God. :D

We went to the farm that was recently vacated by the ungrateful tenant who lived on our land for years. He gave my Mother a lot of headaches. Finally, him and his family are out of the 1-hectare land. We all hope and pray they won’t come back and mess up with my Mother anymore. I'm really thankful for the moral support we get from some of my relatives. They are willing to help my Mom out no matter what. :)

It was quite a long and bumpy ride but he seemed to enjoy it. :)


We visited some of my beloved relatives in Tupi, South Cotabato after the farm visit. It was a weekday so we actually didn’t see most of my aunts and uncles. They were at work. We had lunch at a chicken house and spent few more hours with cousins and nieces. We headed home before the sun sets.

I wish on our next homecoming, it’ll fall on holidays so I’d get to see a lot of my beloved relatives. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

The 5-Day Homecoming Vacay Part 1

Last week was the first homecoming vacation for this year. Like every other homecoming, it felt like 5-days is too short. It's really not enough. Although I get to spend time with my family, I wish it was more than 5-day. You know what I'm talking about.

The most recent homecoming vacation is extra special because I brought along my boyfriend with me. We decided it was about time for him to meet the rest of my family. He already met my brother Florante, my nephew Brandon and my mother during their stay here in Manila last year. He was able to spend sometime with them when they were here in Manila. He just haven't met my older brother, Aleksander. And of course, it's about time for him to meet some of my relatives and friends back home. It's about time for him to check out my hometown. :)

My boyfriend and I were already anxious about the homecoming weeks before our scheduled flight. Finally, it was Sunday morning of January 26. He was able to set foot on General Santos City.

My usual first stop was at Lainy's home. My boyfriend met my favorite Aunt Rose and cousins Mark and Jayson and his son - Morning Dew. We had breakfast and later on my Aunt insisted that we have lunch before going home in Polomolok. So we stayed at their home for few more hours and chatted for a while. Lainy was able to join our chat via Skype. As you all know, she migrated in Australia with her husband. Thank God for technology, families stay connected even if they're miles apart. :)

Mark and Jayson with Morning Dew offered to drive us home after lunch. How convenient, right? We had more time to catch up. I miss this cousins of mine, really. I'm glad they were doing good with the band - Kuerdas Band and with each of their personal and family lives. My boyfriend on the other hand was trying to get along with my cousins and sometimes join in the conversation. He didn't have a hard time with my cousins. They have been really nice to my boyfriend. :)

We reached my home after about an hour. Mark drives really slow, eh? LOL! He's a very careful driver. 

I thought nobody was home when I opened the front door. Until I heard my nephew crying inside the room. He was waking his father up and kept asking why they were sleeping when his Tita Allena is coming home?? LOL! He's that excited to see me! The feeling is of course, mutual. And voila! There I was right in front of him! He hugged me so tight and got more surprised when he saw his Tito Junjun (my boyfriend). He was so happy, we all can tell! 

The hyper-active boys got switched right on! LOL! He's got Morning Dew as his playmate. We just let the little boys carry on playing while the grown ups chatted at the same we all were watching them play. It was indeed a good sigh of relief to be back home!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Excited About Going Back In Manila???

I'm still on vacation mode right now yet I can't help but think about my little home back in Manila. As soon as I get back tomorrow afternoon, I'll be going straight to work in the evening. Besides work, there's an activity at Church that I have to attend to and of course do some house cleaning.

When I spoke with Jayson and Mark the other day about the band, I can't help but think about renewing my passion for music. It's funny because that small chat with my cousins made me look back at how I loved singing and playing the guitar. That's one of the reasons why I think about house cleaning because my guitar which is hanging for a while at my wall needed cleaning too. A good tuning and wiping of carnauba wax will make my guitar sound and look good once again for sure.

Now that makes me excited about going back in Manila..... NOT! LOL!

Having A Blast On 5-day Vacay

Explored the Farm on day 1, went swimming with the FamBam on Day 2, stayed at home and took a rest with the family on day 3, meeting up with bestfriend today - day 4. Pictures will be posted soon! :D

I'm having a blast in my 5-day vacation! Today is my last day of spending time with my family. Sigh... If I can only extend my vacation. Or if only I can stay here for good...

I'm thinking about the latter very soon... Hmmm. :D

Kuerdas Band In Koronadal City Tonight

Kuerdas Band, my former band, is having a gig at Koronadal City tonight. It's a 45-minute drive from home. I doubt if my boyfriend and I would still be able to watch them play on stage since we have to be in GenSan to see my bestfriend Czarina and her daughter Czij today. I hope we can go home early today and not feel exhausted. We might consider watching them on their gig this evening.

I haven't seen the band play for years already. Although they posted some of their videos online, it would be a different experience to watch them perform live on stage. Somehow, I also want to perform some songs with them on stage. My vacation would be perfect if that happens.

Two of my favorite cousins are part of the band - Mark and Jayson. I haven't really had an update of the band from them because we haven't really chatted that long when we were together. I don't know if they have new instruments like a majestic marimba at musicians friend. I have to see them to know if their music has truly upgraded. LOL!

I think we'll consider watching them tonight. I think we can make a few sacrifices just to make the most of our vacation! :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bound For GenSan With My Love

We woke up early today for an early flight. My boyfriend is just as excited as I am because we are both coming home-bound to GenSan. He's finally meeting the rest of my family and some relatives and friends. I just can't wait to show him my beautiful hometown.

We're not going home for vacation, to be quite honest. My mother is going to keep us busy on our 5-day stay. Yes, it's just 5 days. I hope, even though there are going to be a helluva things to do (i.e. building a fence on our small farm, checking out the land-area my mom bought, clean up the house/deforestation and more for sure! LOL!) we are going to have a good time with my family. I know it's going to be a great experience for my boyfriend (keeping my fingers crossed! haha!).

It's 6am now and we are both anxiously waiting for our flight. Boarding time is 6:25am. I'm not bored because I'm doing something else online right now. As for my Love, he's really excited to set foot in GenSan and he's now bored and hungry. LOL!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Gadget Or An ATV For Brandon?

It's 14 days to go for my homecoming! I kept counting days, obviously. I really can't wait to be home with my family and with my favorite nephew in the world! I'm really excited.

I watched one of the videos my cousin posted in Facebook recently. Brandon and another nephew - the younger and smaller Xyle, were caught playing a game on an Android tablet. The owner of the gadget is Xyle so he's the one initially holding it and my nephew by his side, watching and he seems like he's teaching the little guy how to play the game. As the owner, Xyle kept asking Brandon not to disturb him but to no avail. Until Brandon got the tablet and said : "I'll borrow, you watch!". The little guy ended up crying for help. Sigh. My Brandon is such a bully. He destroyed his own tablet and now he takes over Xyle's tablet. Poor little fellow.

As my homecoming is fast approaching, I've been thinking about purchasing an Android tablet for Brandon. However, sometimes I don't feel like buying him one. Not because I didn't want to. I don't want him to get addicted with gadgets and not play real child games. As I was browsing the internet, I saw this ATVs for kids! ATVs are small four-wheeled unit. They are really cool vehicles that I'm sure my Brandon would love to have. Now I'm torn between purchasing the gadget or getting him a brand new ATV. LOL!

Anyway, I still have to weigh my options. It also will depend on my budget, that is. I hope I would be able to decide before I come home. 

I'll see you very soon, Brandon!