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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Breathtaking Nacpan Beach

After the most exciting first day of our El Nido trip, which was exploring the beautiful place through the Island Tour A (The 7 Commandos, Shimizu Island and The Lagoons), we went to bed with a smile on our faces. Before hitting the sack, we all agreed to discover Nacpan Beach ourselves the next day!

I have read a lot of wonderful things about Nacpan Beach during my research. I didn't hesitate to share it with the group. Although they were a bit doubtful about the place since we all have to travel by land in a tricycle, they didn't argue much with my suggestion because the trip is wayyyy cheaper than doing another Island Tour. I'll talk about our budget travel in a separate post. :)

We were told that the food at the restaurants near Nacpan Beach are expensive so we had someone cook our packed lunch for us. We were all set for our 2nd day of adventure and had our mind prepared for the bumpy ride. LOL!

Nacpan Beach can be reached by land through a motorcycle or a van transpo that can be rented through several travel agencies. However, we opted to rent Weng and his tricycle because it's the cheapest transportation that we can get. :)

It was a fun ride because we get to talk a lot inside the tricycle. I tell you, we can just talk about crazy things under the sun, laugh our asses out and not mind the dusty road and the bumpy ride. :D Not to mention the beautiful views that we see along the way.

Hurry Weng! The enemy is coming! LOL!

Since we're having fun during the road trip, we didn't realize that we're on the road for more than an hour already. Then we saw the signage! We're too close! We can hear the sound of the beach already!

After an hour and a quarter tricycle ride, we arrived at Nacpan Beach. This is what awaited us:

Totally amazing and breathtaking - that's how I described how we all felt when we arrived at the beach. The place isn't crowded and the sea waves are really big. It's my first time to see a beautiful place like that. I hope it will remain that way in the years to come.

I was so enchanted with Nacpan Beach that I forgot about it's Twin Beach - Calitang. I have to see that beach when we get back. That thought dawned on me when we were on our way to our last and final destination - the Las Cabanas Beach and our final look at the sunset in El Nido.

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