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Monday, December 16, 2013

Good Morning El Nido!

At about this time a couple of weeks ago, I woke up early to the sound of the sea waves. Finally, it's morning in El Nido! 

I just had a few hours of sleep but I was already up on my feet ready to greet the beautiful morning. My companions are still asleep. Oblivious of the cocking of the roosters outside our beach cottage. I woke my boyfriend up when I saw the light coming up outside. I wanted us to be together and witness the sunrise. :D I can't deny, I'm a romantic fool.

We walked our way to one of the hammocks on the beach front and marvel at the beauty around us. 

We were just there, enjoying the moment and waited until Irene and Mae woke up. 

We had free coffee complimentary of the owners of the beach cottage. We were already planning our Island Tour for the day with the help of the son of the owner, Weng. He owns a tricycle so we didn't have to worry about our transportation to the town proper where we had to get a boat ride for the Island Tour. His ride was our transportation service and he basically became our tour guide on our entire stay at El Nido.

After an hour or so of preparation for the Island tour, which we all have been excited about, we had to take group pictures first. :D

Ready for the Island Tour!

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