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Friday, December 6, 2013

Getting Used To Hard Stringed Guitar

After my gig at a Church event 2 weeks ago, my guitar is once again hanging by my wall, unused. I don't know when I'd be able to play it again. I just don't have time. Other than the not having time to practice, I don't feel like strumming and plucking it. It doesn't sound good anymore and the strings on the frets are giving me a hard time. 

I have to press harder to create a good sound on the guitar on each chords. Since I very seldom play, my hands get swollen after practicing one or two songs. It's either I have to practice some more so I can get my hands calloused and get used to the hard strings or I'll end up purchasing guitar bodies at guitar center and assemble a smooth playing guitar on my own. I wonder if I'd be able to do that, though. Money is tight lately.

Well, for now I'll get used to my hard-stringed old guitar. Maybe soon I'd be able to replace it with a better one. Who knows?

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