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Thursday, December 5, 2013

El Nido Vacay Teaser

My friends and I together with my boyfriend got home from our vacation in El Nido, Palawan yesterday. It was a 4-day vacation which for us is not enough to really enjoy and see all of El Nido.

The place is really beautiful. Well of course, I have enough pictures to prove it. LOL!

It was nice to wake up to the sounds of the roosters in the morning. And when we stepped out of our cottage, we were in awe of the beautiful view of the low tide bay just right outside the cottage we stayed at during our vacation.

Island hopping is the best way to visit the magnificent islands and beaches of El Nido. Here's a teaser of one of the islands:

The way to Nacpan Beach was an adventure but it's all worth it. It's the most beautiful beach I've ever been to.

Last but not the least, the sunset in Brgy. Corong Corong, particularly in Lugadia Beach Cottages is breathtaking! 

I'm so glad I've done my research and ended up getting a room in the beach cottages. I've got the best deal at a cheaper rate and most importantly, I get to see and enjoy the sunset with friends and my boyfriend.

I'll make separate posts about my 4-day adventure. There will be more pictures to come to make you all want to spend time in El Nido. :)

Life is indeed beautiful especially when you get to travel to the most beautiful places! We will definitely be coming back to El Nido!

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