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Thursday, December 19, 2013

El Nido Island Tour Part 3 (The Lagoons)

And the Island Hopping Tour continues...

Off we went to the Secret Lagoon after we had our sumptuous lunch. We had to swim to a small hole to reach the lagoon. Voila! It was indeed a secret lagoon! :D

After which we went to the Big Lagoon. This time we were not allowed to get off the boat. We just glared at the beauty of the big limestone cliffs surrounding the lagoon. Too bad the batteries of the cameras we brought were empty we were not able to take some more pictures of the last 2 lagoons. Sigh. The tour guides allowed us to snorkel at the coral reefs outside the Big Lagoon. We saw some more fishes and coral reefs.

Just so you know how the last 2 lagoons look like, here are images I got from Google:

courtesy of

courtesy of

Last but not the least was our stop at the Small Lagoon. Here we had to swim and enjoy the last of the tour. There was a small cave at the very inside of the lagoon. It was a bit scary but still a good thing to experience.

The tour took the toll on Irene and myself. We were just exhausted while heading back to the boat. Although tired we were still laughing our ass out as we were chatting with the tour guide and swimming at the same time. It made the swim all the more slow. Our co-passengers had no choice but to wait for the slow swimmers. :D

As our boat was heading back to the town proper, I keep reminiscing the beauty of the tour that I just experienced. Even though exhausted, I am still looking forward to see some more of El Nido.

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