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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

El Nido Island Tour Part 1 (7 Commandos)

There are several Island Tour packages in El Nido. The price increase for the tours just came in effect a week before our scheduled trip so we had to pay more for the chosen Island tour. We chose Island Tour A which is worth Php 1,200.00 per each plus the the Php 200.00 environmental fee. I have done my research before our trip so we were all aware of the price increase even before we left for El Nido. We can't complain much about it. We were just excited about what was in store for us in the tour.

We arrived at the town proper before 9 o'clock in the morning. The boat booked for us hasn't arrived yet. As we waited, we took more photos of course.

After about 30 minutes of waiting patiently, we're all on board on the boat with other tourists for our first El Nido island hopping tour!

We were just in awe of the beautiful stretch of the turquoise-green waters of Bacuit Bay. The limestone cliffs are not only seen on the town proper but it's on the islands as well. They're fascinating, so beautiful!

Our first stop was at Seven Commandos Beach. It was named after the 7 Japanese commandos who lived on the beach after World War II. 

We're so excited and we just can't hid it! LOL!

 We had our first snorkeling escapade at the side of the cliffs. We had to convince Mae to overcome her fear of the deep waters so she could enjoy snorkeling with us. After a few minutes, she conquered her fear. 

It was my companions' first time experience to snorkel and I could tell they enjoyed it. If we only had an underwater camera, my boyfriend would have taken pictures of the beautiful marine life in that sanctuary.

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