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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Interior Designer And The Carpenter

Flipping Vegas, Sell This House, Reno Vs Relocate - these are the t.v. shows I've been addicted to watching in one of my favorite channels the past months. I'm glued to the T.V. whenever the shows are on. It's really amazing how the guys on the show flip cluttered houses into beautiful homes in a not-so-expensive way. The best thing about it is finding out their profits from each houses they sell.
It inspires me to dream of owning a house like the ones they were able to flip. Because of the shows, I now have an idea on how my future kitchen and rooms will look like. I want a granite counter, an amazing bedroom with a lot of storage and a really beautiful living room. I really hope someday I can have a house like the ones they have on the show. 
The show also help me grow my interest about interior designing. My boyfriend have skills in carpentry so if ever I will end up to be an interior decorator, I won't have a problem hiring a contractor or a carpenter for that matter. :) That's a good future plan, though!

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