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Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank God For A Kind Neighbor

Woah! I can't believe this blog hasn't been active for more than a month. Sigh. It sucks when you don't have a working computer. Right now, I'm using a good friend's laptop which is really uncomfortable especially on my friend's behalf. :) I'm glad she lives right next to my room so it's easier to hand me down her laptop from time to time.
Well, hopefully I won't be in this pitiful situation for long. I'm planning to get one of the gadget plans that a leading communications company have right now. I still have to apply for the plan next week. Hopefully I'd pass since they have to investigate my financial capability. Well I guess I have a good credit score, I guess. :)
For now, I will make use of my friend's kindness. I hope and pray she won't get tired of lending me her laptop for the mean time. Hopefully sometime soon, I won't bother her anymore. :D
What can I say? Thank God for a kind neighbor! :)

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