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Monday, November 11, 2013

I Won't Be Home Soon

"Tita, please buy many toys and a toy motorcycle, please!", those were what my nephew asked from me over the phone when we spoke yesterday. He love toys so much. I'm a bit disappointed because I wanted him to love books more than toys. But what can I say? He's a little boy. :D
I won't have a homecoming vacation next month. My Mom requested financial support from me in constructing a house for the empty lot she bought some years ago. I think its about time for me to give my mother what she have been wanting for years now. I have to maker her happy.
I won't be home until summer of next year. I'm planning to buy my favorite nephew student trombone kits at m123 when I come home. I'm sure he'd love it! I want him to not only love toys but I also want him to be musically inclined like his Tita. :)
Just thinking about not coming home sometime soon makes me feel bad. But they're just a phone away. It's a little sacrifice I have to make for a while.

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