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Friday, November 29, 2013

Focus On Needs Rather Than Splurge

Bonus, 13th month pay - this is the most awaited pay that employees like myself are excited about during this time of the year. Most of us receive this early December. Enough time to budget the expenses and shop for whatever is deemed a necessity.
I've been doing my personal budgeting some weeks ago. I had to or else I'll be spending the money to something I don't really need. I've learned my lesson from the past years. Although I'm still keeping my fingers crossed about not going beyond my budget.
I thought about purchasing a new gadget but it definitely won't fit my budget. That's why most of what I'll earn this month will go to the bank. I have to save so I can purchase a new laptop.
Other than saving for my new laptop, I'll be sending some money to my folks back home. I hope it will make them happy despite my absence this holiday season. I won't be home for New Year's Eve. I won't have enough money for homecoming because I have scheduled a trip to El Nido this Sunday. My homecoming won't happen anytime soon but I'll make up for it on the fist quarter of next year. That is if my budget permits me. I'll do my best to save for that homecoming, though.
I will be spending a few bucks for personal shopping. I've seen some lovely necklace selection online that I'm really interested in. And some dresses too!
This is just the time to spoil myself a bit. Of course I still have to make sure I won't go over budget. I need to focus on my needs rather than splurge and later on, regret. I promise the latter won't happen this year. :)

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