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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Interior Designer And The Carpenter

Flipping Vegas, Sell This House, Reno Vs Relocate - these are the t.v. shows I've been addicted to watching in one of my favorite channels the past months. I'm glued to the T.V. whenever the shows are on. It's really amazing how the guys on the show flip cluttered houses into beautiful homes in a not-so-expensive way. The best thing about it is finding out their profits from each houses they sell.
It inspires me to dream of owning a house like the ones they were able to flip. Because of the shows, I now have an idea on how my future kitchen and rooms will look like. I want a granite counter, an amazing bedroom with a lot of storage and a really beautiful living room. I really hope someday I can have a house like the ones they have on the show. 
The show also help me grow my interest about interior designing. My boyfriend have skills in carpentry so if ever I will end up to be an interior decorator, I won't have a problem hiring a contractor or a carpenter for that matter. :) That's a good future plan, though!

27 Months And Counting

I got a flower today. A red rose, that is. My boyfriend handed it to me last night when he and his little nephew came by the house. It's so sweet for him to remember our monthsary which I totally forgot about. I have been thinking about our scheduled Palawan trip with friends come Sunday. I know he understands that I got a lot going on in my mind.
I'm the one who's taking care of the trip. I have to make sure all four of us are going to enjoy our vacation and I also want it to be memorable. It will be my boyfriend's first plane ride and it's going to fly to one of the paradise here in the Philippines. I haven't been to El Nido but I did my research. I just hope and pray that we will have an experience of a lifetime when we get there. I just can't wait! :D
Oh yeah. I have to forget about El Nido first because today is our 27th monthsary! I love you, Bheb ko! More months and years to come for the both of us! Thanks for the flowers! :)

Focus On Needs Rather Than Splurge

Bonus, 13th month pay - this is the most awaited pay that employees like myself are excited about during this time of the year. Most of us receive this early December. Enough time to budget the expenses and shop for whatever is deemed a necessity.
I've been doing my personal budgeting some weeks ago. I had to or else I'll be spending the money to something I don't really need. I've learned my lesson from the past years. Although I'm still keeping my fingers crossed about not going beyond my budget.
I thought about purchasing a new gadget but it definitely won't fit my budget. That's why most of what I'll earn this month will go to the bank. I have to save so I can purchase a new laptop.
Other than saving for my new laptop, I'll be sending some money to my folks back home. I hope it will make them happy despite my absence this holiday season. I won't be home for New Year's Eve. I won't have enough money for homecoming because I have scheduled a trip to El Nido this Sunday. My homecoming won't happen anytime soon but I'll make up for it on the fist quarter of next year. That is if my budget permits me. I'll do my best to save for that homecoming, though.
I will be spending a few bucks for personal shopping. I've seen some lovely necklace selection online that I'm really interested in. And some dresses too!
This is just the time to spoil myself a bit. Of course I still have to make sure I won't go over budget. I need to focus on my needs rather than splurge and later on, regret. I promise the latter won't happen this year. :)

Thank God For U.S. Holidays!

It took U.S. Thanksgiving Day for me to totally clean up my room. I'm so happy about my accomplishment today! My room is de-cluttered and spic-and-span! I won't be ashamed of inviting some friends over for a cup of coffee. :)
I slept all day yesterday and took advantage of the first day of my long weekend. Although we are an outsource of the American company I'm working for, we are also part of their holidays. I'm just one lucky employee. :)
I actually started cleaning up at 1 o'clock in the morning. I did the laundry in between that's why it took a long time for me to finish doing my home chores. I did everything in 9 hours. LOL! Well, blame the television and candy crush for the delay. I wasn't in a hurry anyway.
I still have a lot that I need to accomplish. I haven't gone to the bank yet. Something I need to do after finishing up my online chores. And then later tonight, I'll be  studying with my boyfriend because we have series of long quizzes tomorrow. We both are undergoing a teaching course. It's a free course at Church which will certify both of us to be Sunday school teachers for Children's Worship Service "hopefully" next year. That is if we pass all the requirements and tests. So help us, God.
Today is going to be a long day for sure. But I'm up for the challenge. I still don't have work tonight so I have all the time in the world to finish whatever need to be accomplished today. I just want to say, Thank God for U.S. Thanksgiving Day!
And to those who celebrate this big day in the United States, may you have a great Thanksgiving Day!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Starting Up a New Business without Spending Too Much

Starting up a business may be difficult at first but when you get to see what you’ve started, you’ll then realize that everything is possible to happen. Much more when your capital is not that big compare to other businesses that had grown for long already, indeed it will be the most wonderful feeling you’ll ever had.

These days, investing for business is no longer difficult and hard. Due to the rampant growth of varieties of businesses that are open for investors; definitely, one can really get progressive anytime. Aside from those, there are business ideas as well that are easy to start even without investing too much. Indeed, no one can say that living progressively is very hard to strive.

One of the businesses that are easy to invest and at the same time, doesn’t mandatorily demand for a huge amount of capital of investment is the trading business. But of course, it varies unto what kind of field you are in. Since there are different kinds of trading business, it is really essential to know where you are good at. But if you want to earn and at the same time don’t want to get hassle, then forex trading is the perfect field you should try.

With its fast, convenient, and friendly way of earning; indeed, no wonder why it is one of the industries in business that had been increasingly growing. A lot of companies have opened opportunities for those interested investors. Varengold Bank Fx for instance is just one of the good examples of websites that offer same deal. Although there are plenty of websites aside from the one mentioned above, consider also the fact that not all are harmless. Thence, in order to start up a business without spending too much, always be careful of choosing a company you’re going to invest with.

Monday, November 11, 2013

I Won't Be Home Soon

"Tita, please buy many toys and a toy motorcycle, please!", those were what my nephew asked from me over the phone when we spoke yesterday. He love toys so much. I'm a bit disappointed because I wanted him to love books more than toys. But what can I say? He's a little boy. :D
I won't have a homecoming vacation next month. My Mom requested financial support from me in constructing a house for the empty lot she bought some years ago. I think its about time for me to give my mother what she have been wanting for years now. I have to maker her happy.
I won't be home until summer of next year. I'm planning to buy my favorite nephew student trombone kits at m123 when I come home. I'm sure he'd love it! I want him to not only love toys but I also want him to be musically inclined like his Tita. :)
Just thinking about not coming home sometime soon makes me feel bad. But they're just a phone away. It's a little sacrifice I have to make for a while.

Thank God For A Kind Neighbor

Woah! I can't believe this blog hasn't been active for more than a month. Sigh. It sucks when you don't have a working computer. Right now, I'm using a good friend's laptop which is really uncomfortable especially on my friend's behalf. :) I'm glad she lives right next to my room so it's easier to hand me down her laptop from time to time.
Well, hopefully I won't be in this pitiful situation for long. I'm planning to get one of the gadget plans that a leading communications company have right now. I still have to apply for the plan next week. Hopefully I'd pass since they have to investigate my financial capability. Well I guess I have a good credit score, I guess. :)
For now, I will make use of my friend's kindness. I hope and pray she won't get tired of lending me her laptop for the mean time. Hopefully sometime soon, I won't bother her anymore. :D
What can I say? Thank God for a kind neighbor! :)