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Monday, October 7, 2013

Apartment On Construction Soon

Investing my hard earned money is something I've been thinking about doing the past few days. I've asked my brother, Florante about putting up a business back in the province. He told me it would be better to set my money aside to build the apartment which my mom dreamed of doing for years. 

The apartment is just a few kilometers away from our home. It used to be the first house we grew up on. We moved to the second house because my mother made a live stock business and we have to be there to attend to it. We left the first house, got a renting tenant and his family just so we can still make a living out of it. After a few years, the tenants on the first house left. With no one to take care of the house, it just broke down. My mother tried to rebuild it but haven't completed the construction. It just stood there, unfinished for years. It's up to us, the children to continue whatever my mother dreamed to build. She actually got 2 other lots that needed houses or apartments constructed on them. She's just waiting for us to act on building her dreams.

I haven't talked to my mother about the plans yet because I'm pretty sure she'll get excited and would want to start the construction right away. Of course it will take time to plan and save a wee bit more of money because we can start building the house. I think I want to surprise her with a sign board that would say "levers at this site soon". It will definitely make her the happiest mom in the world. :)

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