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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Stubborn Laptop

So I haven't really been online lately. Blame it to my computer. This laptop is really acting up lately and I'm on the brink of replacing it to a new one. The problem is, I don't have money that I can use to replace this freaking computer. Sigh.

I miss my Dell laptop computer. The one that was stolen a couple of years back. I really didn't have that much problems with that computer. And I can just reformat it whenever I want back then. With this one I have now? I lost the driver CD that's why I can't do anything about it but wait until it finally give up on me.

Just recently, I received an email from one of the HR staffs at work informing us of a privilege being an employee in our company. The email stated that we can avail discounted rates in purchasing Dell computers from selected malls and branches. There were several good deals that if only I have the money to buy, I would have gone to one of the branches as soon as I got the email. Unfortunately, all I did was look at those nice laptops. And wished I can take one of them home. LOL!

But I promise myself that early next year, I would be able to have enough savings so I can afford a new laptop. There are a lot of opportunities online that I kept missing because of this stubborn laptop. :D It keeps giving me an excuse for not doing my online chores!

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