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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Candy Crushing

When I was in college, it was the time that playing online games is getting popular in our province. Most of my classmates spend most of their allowance and especially their precious time renting one of the computers in a cyber cafe just to feed their addiction to the games. I feel bad for them and their parents, of course. I'm just glad that I never thought about wanting to play online games with them. Or else, my mom will not forgive me. :) And I've been really busy with other more important things back then.

I vowed to never play online games. Not until recently.

My boyfriends android phone is full of games he downloaded whenever he's online. And when we're together and we don't really have a lot to do, he let me play some of the games. He introduced me to Candy Crush. And voila! We fight over his phone usage because I can't get my hand off of it anymore. Lol. So I downloaded the game on my phone.

So I broke my vow and have been playing the game most of the time. The truth is, it really is wasting a lot of my precious time. :) But I know for a fact that I'm gonna get over the game pretty soon. I won't get addicted to it, I promise.

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