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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bring The Fab Bod Back!

Whenever I don't have enough to do at work or if I'm on break, I normally browse the internet and always end up reading news about health - specifically on articles about weight loss. A lot of these articles talk about eating less, chewing on whole grain foods, including variety of fruits on your diet, etc.,  and of course doing some form of exercises. I do follow most of the advises on how to lose weight except doing latter part. I know most of you may think I'm just making an excuse, but I really don't have time to exercise. And to tell you the truth, sometimes I can't help my cravings. :D

Alright, alright... I have become lazy doing exercises because for me, the safe and effective way to exercise (especially here in Manila) is being in a gym. Scumbags are anywhere on the streets of Manila. I just don't feel safe running around by myself. Unlike being in a gym, you have the right equipment, and since you're paying for it, you have to do everything to see results. I know a lot of you would agree to what I just said. And that worked for me a couple of years back. Money is just tight right now that's why I couldn't go back to the gym yet.

My friends and I are planning a getaway in El Nido resorts in Palawan few months from now. I'm already getting anxious about that vacation. I don't want to be showing off tummy flab's on the pictures, of course. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed about being able to enroll in a gym sometime soon since I also have to save money for that dream vacation at the same time. What a dilemma! I guess I have to find other ways on how to suppress appetite naturally without spending that much and putting my health at risk. I will eat less yet healthy and purchase a pair of running of shoes. I guess I have to push myself to I opt on running or jogging on the streets of Metro Manila. And just for me to feel safe, I'll run along with my boyfriend. He badly need some form of exercises himself. :)

I better stop making excuses this time so I can bring that fabulous bod back!

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