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Friday, August 2, 2013

Wishing My Mom Is Here...

I just finished cleaning up my closet. It took me two hours to do just that one chore! Can you believe it? Blame the t.v. show. I had to watch the t.v. while folding my clothes and arranging them properly in my closet. How I wish I can finish cleaning up my room and do my laundry tonight but I still had to go to work later. I doubt if I can do the house cleaning and laundry tomorrow since there's something more important things that I have to do.

How I miss my Mom. Although we have our differences, she somehow made my life easier during her stay here since she's the one who cleans the house and do my laundry. She's already left and went back to the province last week. We talk over the phone often lately. She's doing okay and she's not getting sick she just have to make sure she takes her medications. She often complain about how expensive her medicines are becoming. So I had to go through online drugstore canada to check if her medicines are less expensive if bought online or not. I have to let her know soon or else, she won't stop complaining. :D

I just realized that living with my mother isn't really a bad idea. We argue sometimes but it's normal for us. We still love each other after the arguments. And whenever I see how messy my room has become after she left, it just make me miss her all the more.

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