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Thursday, August 1, 2013

No More Traffic Along EDSA?

My usual route going to work is taking the bus along EDSA. As you all know, traffic along EDSA could be worse so I make sure that I'm on a bus an hour before my shift begins. I don't want to be late for work or else I won't get extra money on top of my monthly salary.

2 weeks ago, I was doing my usual route to work. To my surprise (which happens every night now for the last couple of weeks), the bus ride only took 15 minutes going to my work place. Amazing, isn't it?

I guess it has to do with how MMDA was trying to resolve the traffic along EDSA. I can see results right now. I'm not really sure how it is during the rush hour. But I hope that the road isn't that too congested anymore during those times. Whatever scheme they're doing right now, I think it's working.

Now I can extend being at Church for few more minutes before going to work. There are a lot of activities I keep missing out just because I had to travel to work early. I guess I won't have to be always in a hurry when I'm doing my church obligations. :)

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