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Friday, August 2, 2013

Music And Brandon

I know quite well that my favorite nephew in the world, Brandon Zyl, has a talent in music. He sings really good. He's not at all out of tune! I'm impressed. It looks like somebody is going to follow my footsteps. He may even be able to be a successful singer when he grows up. But who knows?

I told my Mom to instead of enrolling Brandon at a Karate School on summer vacation, I suggested to have him learn to play a musical instrument. My brother told me ones that whenever he sees a guitar, he would keep strumming it and giggle at the same time. I can just imagine the little guy holding his own little guitar and pose like a rockstar! LOL! But seriously, I'd much rather see him playing a ukelele or a piano than kicking someone else's butt because of karate classes. My brother wouldn't mind purchasing a small guitar for Brandon with excellent ukulele case at musicians friend. In that way, the little guitar won't get destroyed by the little man right away. :)

I really hope my nephew will grow to be passionate in music like me. I would love to be a stage Aunt in the future and cheer for my nephew whenever he performs on stage! :D

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