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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kuerdas Update

It been a while since the last time I hang out with my homegrown band - Kuerdas. I very seldom go home that's why whenever I'm back in the province for a visit, I make sure to see the band and jam for a little bit with them. I'm always excited being on stage with them because it's really fun singing songs with the boys.

I looked at the updated cover of the band and I realized most of the boys along with my cousins Mark, Jayson and the family friend - Dexter, are new faces. I don't know most of the guys anymore. I wonder what happened to the others. I wonder why the left. 

I also realized that the band no longer have a saxophonist. Well, Manong, the old guy who used to play the sax for the band, might have already decided to pursue a different career. He's old enough for the group, anyway. No offense. LOL! I heard something happened to his instrument that's why he had to go. I bet my cousins frequent prodding him about buying mouthpiece pads at musician's friend didn't work so he had to suffer the consequences. :) Yet I'm glad to see these guys for his replacement - 

I wish for the band to really get known all over the Philippines. I wonder when they will get that break they've been waiting for since the band started!

1 comment:

Lainy said...

Banggg! It's good to be here. They didn't left. They were sacked. LOL! And they still have saxophonists, 2 in fact and younger ones. Hahahaha!

Anyways, kumusta? Anong balita? Basa-basa ako dito pag may time.