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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Want A New Laptop!

One of the many things that makes me lazy about updating my blogs is that my browser keeps crashing at some point. Sigh. I just keep uninstalling/re-installing my browser but it has the same problem. It only stopped re-occurring when I updated my free antivirus software and was able to scan my computer for viruses. But I know that it will re-occur sometime soon.

I'm thought about reformatting my laptop but I have to purchase a lot of things. I lost my driver CD, I have to buy a separate hardware storage where I can save important files and I also have to purchase new software and I don't really know what else. Purchasing this second hand laptop made me realize it wasn't a good idea buying it in the first place.

I want a new laptop. Unfortunately, I can't afford it right now. But if ever I have enough money to purchase one, I'll make sure that it has all the drivers, apps and software I need like an ESET security license just to make sure that no viruses and other unwanted malwares will ruin my computer. Another lesson learned, never purchase 2nd hand especially with gadgets.

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