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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kuerdas Update

It been a while since the last time I hang out with my homegrown band - Kuerdas. I very seldom go home that's why whenever I'm back in the province for a visit, I make sure to see the band and jam for a little bit with them. I'm always excited being on stage with them because it's really fun singing songs with the boys.

I looked at the updated cover of the band and I realized most of the boys along with my cousins Mark, Jayson and the family friend - Dexter, are new faces. I don't know most of the guys anymore. I wonder what happened to the others. I wonder why the left. 

I also realized that the band no longer have a saxophonist. Well, Manong, the old guy who used to play the sax for the band, might have already decided to pursue a different career. He's old enough for the group, anyway. No offense. LOL! I heard something happened to his instrument that's why he had to go. I bet my cousins frequent prodding him about buying mouthpiece pads at musician's friend didn't work so he had to suffer the consequences. :) Yet I'm glad to see these guys for his replacement - 

I wish for the band to really get known all over the Philippines. I wonder when they will get that break they've been waiting for since the band started!

Friday, August 16, 2013

To Do List For The Busy Girl

came across this cute pad through google search

The Busiest Girl In The World???

That’s me, I guess. Always busy me!

I work in a call center industry which makes me work at nights. So basically, my day begins in the afternoons or evenings. Most of the weekdays, as soon as I wake up, I usually tend to my Church obligations (meet up with Church mates, visit other brethren, join the Bible study sessions, etc.). After that, I go to work which is a 9-hour shift. I’m just lucky that my work environment is not too stressful as compared to the other companies I used to work with.

When I come home in the morning, I had to log on to the internet to finish my online chores. But sometimes, ones I’m online, I get distracted and end up wasting my time browsing through social networking sites and other websites. That’s one of the many reasons why I couldn’t blog regularly. The “other reasons” are: just being plainly lazy and do other stuffs like watching my favorite T.V. shows or movies on HBO, sing songs and play my guitar, or eat a lot. There are days that I’m too sleepy; I hit the sack right away as soon as I come home. Those are the reasons why I’m not able to accomplish more important things. Worst is, I end up doing everything in the last minute! I hate rushing things but who can I blame?

So in order for me to be productive, I came up with a better idea. I actually started doing this the other day and it worked! It’s simple! I had to create a “to-do list” before coming home from work. I write down all the important things I need to accomplish within the day and make sure to do them. That means, no more distractions and strictly follow whatever I have written on a piece of paper. J I just hope and pray I’d be consistent this time. So help me, God.

Looking at how I am right now, I always feel like I’m the busiest girl in the world! :) I’m not saying that because I’m complaining. I’m just saying! :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Want A New Laptop!

One of the many things that makes me lazy about updating my blogs is that my browser keeps crashing at some point. Sigh. I just keep uninstalling/re-installing my browser but it has the same problem. It only stopped re-occurring when I updated my free antivirus software and was able to scan my computer for viruses. But I know that it will re-occur sometime soon.

I'm thought about reformatting my laptop but I have to purchase a lot of things. I lost my driver CD, I have to buy a separate hardware storage where I can save important files and I also have to purchase new software and I don't really know what else. Purchasing this second hand laptop made me realize it wasn't a good idea buying it in the first place.

I want a new laptop. Unfortunately, I can't afford it right now. But if ever I have enough money to purchase one, I'll make sure that it has all the drivers, apps and software I need like an ESET security license just to make sure that no viruses and other unwanted malwares will ruin my computer. Another lesson learned, never purchase 2nd hand especially with gadgets.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thankful On A Sunday Morning

Waking up in a Sunday Morning is always the best mornings for me. Not just because it's a weekend but especially because it's another day for me to perform my duties at Church. Being able to go to Church and thank God for everything he's done to me, giving Him back all the glory and honor. It is such a wonderful feeling!

I hope you all have a happy and bless Sunday! :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Wishing My Mom Is Here...

I just finished cleaning up my closet. It took me two hours to do just that one chore! Can you believe it? Blame the t.v. show. I had to watch the t.v. while folding my clothes and arranging them properly in my closet. How I wish I can finish cleaning up my room and do my laundry tonight but I still had to go to work later. I doubt if I can do the house cleaning and laundry tomorrow since there's something more important things that I have to do.

How I miss my Mom. Although we have our differences, she somehow made my life easier during her stay here since she's the one who cleans the house and do my laundry. She's already left and went back to the province last week. We talk over the phone often lately. She's doing okay and she's not getting sick she just have to make sure she takes her medications. She often complain about how expensive her medicines are becoming. So I had to go through online drugstore canada to check if her medicines are less expensive if bought online or not. I have to let her know soon or else, she won't stop complaining. :D

I just realized that living with my mother isn't really a bad idea. We argue sometimes but it's normal for us. We still love each other after the arguments. And whenever I see how messy my room has become after she left, it just make me miss her all the more.

Another Journey To Weight Loss, Soon!

After my shift at work today, I stayed a little longer and chatted with some of my colleagues. We talked about the advantages of losing weight and how all three of us were wanting to find ways to lose the flabs. We learned that one of our bosses enrolled at a fitness gym nearby. It made us become interested with the gym as well because it really wasn't that far from the office building. And it's not that expensive according to another colleague.

It really got me interested because I am so wanting to go back to staying fit ones again. I miss my busy life when I used to spend an hour or two sweating it all out in a fitness gym 2 years ago. And I think I'm going back to that very soon!

We still have to check out the gym and the facilities that they have. Ones I have enough fund to begin my journey to weight loss, I'll definitely let you guys know! :)

Music And Brandon

I know quite well that my favorite nephew in the world, Brandon Zyl, has a talent in music. He sings really good. He's not at all out of tune! I'm impressed. It looks like somebody is going to follow my footsteps. He may even be able to be a successful singer when he grows up. But who knows?

I told my Mom to instead of enrolling Brandon at a Karate School on summer vacation, I suggested to have him learn to play a musical instrument. My brother told me ones that whenever he sees a guitar, he would keep strumming it and giggle at the same time. I can just imagine the little guy holding his own little guitar and pose like a rockstar! LOL! But seriously, I'd much rather see him playing a ukelele or a piano than kicking someone else's butt because of karate classes. My brother wouldn't mind purchasing a small guitar for Brandon with excellent ukulele case at musicians friend. In that way, the little guitar won't get destroyed by the little man right away. :)

I really hope my nephew will grow to be passionate in music like me. I would love to be a stage Aunt in the future and cheer for my nephew whenever he performs on stage! :D

Thursday, August 1, 2013

No More Traffic Along EDSA?

My usual route going to work is taking the bus along EDSA. As you all know, traffic along EDSA could be worse so I make sure that I'm on a bus an hour before my shift begins. I don't want to be late for work or else I won't get extra money on top of my monthly salary.

2 weeks ago, I was doing my usual route to work. To my surprise (which happens every night now for the last couple of weeks), the bus ride only took 15 minutes going to my work place. Amazing, isn't it?

I guess it has to do with how MMDA was trying to resolve the traffic along EDSA. I can see results right now. I'm not really sure how it is during the rush hour. But I hope that the road isn't that too congested anymore during those times. Whatever scheme they're doing right now, I think it's working.

Now I can extend being at Church for few more minutes before going to work. There are a lot of activities I keep missing out just because I had to travel to work early. I guess I won't have to be always in a hurry when I'm doing my church obligations. :)