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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Little Naughty Guy

Brandon has been here in Manila for a week now. After a 4-day vacation in the cold Baguio City, he had to endure the heat of Manila. I'm sorry baby, Tita Allena doesn't have A/C in my room yet. I'll have one installed very soon. Good thing there's a little bit of rain on some days. And it's not really that hot anymore. He seem to be enjoying his stay in my little room anyway. Since I have work at nights, we only have the weekends to spend outdoors. His Tito JunJun, my boyfriend is also busy this week. None of us can bring my brother and Brandon outdoor for fun.


Since the little guy is at my house, we all make sure my home is safe for a kid like him. He's a handful to say the least. He keeps jumping whenever he's excited or playing by himself especially if his tablet for games needed to be recharged. I and his dad keep him from reaching out for the kitchen utensils and other tools like the Martor USA box cutters. We also make sure he won't be near the stove especially if his dad cooks his meal. We always keep an eye at him. Geez! This little kid is really something! LOL! But I love him still! He is the sweetest boy in the world even if at the same time he's annoying. He's the only little guy who can do that. You can forget about his silliness as soon as he showers you with hugs and kisses when he realizes you're already getting mad at him. He would always say "sorry Tita". What else would I do? :)

He's going to be here for more than a week. I won't mind if I don't get enough sleep. I just want to make sure I can spend a lot of time with Brandon while he's here! :)

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