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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guitar Cleaning And Tuning Monday

The sun is up. But I still don't feel like doing my Monday routine: laundry and cleaning up my little home. Maybe I'll do the chores later. Monday usually is a preparation day for the week for me. I should be feeling excited but not today.

It's not even raining outside by I feel gloomy. Something just happened and I'm not ready to say it out loud yet. Maybe I'll find something to do to make me feel better. Maybe take my guitar off it's case and start cleaning it with Brass Care & Cleaning at WWBW. I haven't pulled it out of it's case for months now. The strings may be rusty. I won't have to buy new strings. Just need cleaning up, I guess. Then eventually I have the energy to do my normal chores.

I don't want to feel down the whole day. I wish this is all a bad dream. But I know I'll be alright someday. I hope cleaning up my guitar and play it for a while will somehow make me feel alright.

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