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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Man Of Steel - My Review

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A serious ass-kicking Man Of Steel was what my cousin Michelle, her hubby Jon, my boyfriend and myself watched last Sunday at the movie house. I have never seen a trailer of the movie and didn't read articles about it so I had no idea how the new Superman looked like. So when Henry Cavill is on the big screen, it took a few minutes for me to realize that he was Clark Kent. He's got a mustache, no eyeglasses and doesn't even work as a journalist in Daily Planet. It was definitely not the conventional Superman movie. But yeah, they chose another gorgeous actor to play for the part. Henry Cavill did a great job to say the least.

Then Lois Lane (Amy Adams) showed up - she's surprisingly smart and brave. I like this new Lois Lane but I'm quite disappointed with not finding the romantic spark between her and our superhero. Sigh. And there was a part in the movie that Clark revealed about the "S" symbol not exactly defined as what we always have in mind. He said it meant HOPE in Krypton.

The flashbacks in the movie showed young Clark trying so hard to blend in with the human race with the help of his earth parents: Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha (Diane Lane). But even as a child, Clark always knew that he's different. There a lot of defining moments between Clark and Jonathan. A son who tries so hard to hide his real identity because his Dad doesn't want the world to know for the fear of losing his son from the real parents or won't be accepted by the human race.That was always his father's request until the tragic moment that Clark wasn't able to save him even though he's got super powers.

So off he went to find out who he truly was. He found the ship that his father built and was able to connect with his real father - Jor-El (Russell Crowe). Not in flesh since Jor-El was killed by General Zod Michael Shannon) in the beginning of the movie. He found out why he was put in a travel capsule by his real parents and that his world Krypton doesn't exist anymore. Later, he would realize that as soon as he find out his real identity, it would be also be the way for the villain General Zod and his soldiers to track him.on Earth. Then the disastrous fight begins. And more exhausting fights. Actually too much fighting to the point that you would want to ask yourself if Superman would still be able to defeat his Super enemy. LOL!

There were a lot unexpected twists in the movie. The editor-in-chief was so serious, no Lex Luthor and here's the controversial twist - Superman no longer wore the RED brief anymore! :D But the suit does look fantastic. I guess I'm just used to the suit with the RED brief on. LOL!

Yet, the movie is awesome. Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan deserve a round of applause for showcasing a different kind of Superman. But just like what my friend said, "the redeeming scene for me was at the end when he wore his signature glasses". He is so right! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guitar Cleaning And Tuning Monday

The sun is up. But I still don't feel like doing my Monday routine: laundry and cleaning up my little home. Maybe I'll do the chores later. Monday usually is a preparation day for the week for me. I should be feeling excited but not today.

It's not even raining outside by I feel gloomy. Something just happened and I'm not ready to say it out loud yet. Maybe I'll find something to do to make me feel better. Maybe take my guitar off it's case and start cleaning it with Brass Care & Cleaning at WWBW. I haven't pulled it out of it's case for months now. The strings may be rusty. I won't have to buy new strings. Just need cleaning up, I guess. Then eventually I have the energy to do my normal chores.

I don't want to feel down the whole day. I wish this is all a bad dream. But I know I'll be alright someday. I hope cleaning up my guitar and play it for a while will somehow make me feel alright.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day To My Wonderful Brother!

Whenever it's Father's Day, I always couldn't help it but make a sad post. So I went ahead and posted it in my other blog - Now I Can Only Wish. But hey, now that my brother is a Father himself, I could post something Happy on this blog! It's actually a repost from my Facebook's timeline:

I always knew that you are really very patient and the kindest amongst us, your 2 siblings even when we were kids. Remember how you still give our parents hugs and kisses and massage them at night despite them nagging and assigning you a whole lot of house chores during the day? You would always say yes to them.We don't hear you complain that much. That's something me and Kuya Aleksander can't do. We were very sensitive, that was what it was. But you, you never disappointed our parents especially our Tatay. Thank God for your wonderful traits, you made our Tatay happy.

Now that you are a Father yourself, you still got that patience and kindness towards your son. I don't know how you do it but I'm really proud of how you handle Brandon. He's a handful, everyone knows that. But you were patient enough to teach him, discipline him if need be, and of course made him become the sweetest kid in the world. You are doing a great job and deserve more than a pat in the back.

Thanks, dear brother for giving us Brandon. Of course that includes your wifey,Maria Joyia. I know I'm almost late to greet, but happy Father's day to you! Keep up what you do best - Being the Father to you son. I love you, Yet! 

That's how proud I am with my brother! Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads in the world!

Monday, June 10, 2013

After Florante and Brandon, Who Next?

My brother Florante and his son Brandon has been with me for more than 2 weeks now. It's been really fun being with them, especially with my Nephew. He's a handful because he's hyperactive most of the time but I really don't mind. The moment he realizes I'm a bit annoyed of him, he kisses and hugs me right away and say "sorry Tita Ayena!". Who's heart wouldn't melt on that sweet gesture? :D

They're leaving next week. Geez! Time run so fast. If only I can slow it down a bit. :D But that's how it's gonna be. All I have to do is spend a lot of time with them as much as I can.

A week after their departure is going to be my mother's turn to live with me in my little home for about a month. I'm excited but a bit anxious. You know how it is with my Mother. But I'm ready for it. :D I actually spoke with her yesterday and told me about how she was. She told me a bunch of what was going on with her including the oven repair she had to do since something went wrong with the oven I bought for her the last time she was here. She was about to say more but the phone call got cut off because it reached the maximum free minute call. LOL! I know she got a lot to say when she gets here.

Bonding with my family since I moved here in Manila get a lot shorter nowadays. It just couldn't be otherwise because I have work here in Manila and got limited vacation leaves. If only I can live near them, go back to the province and at the same time get a job that pays the same salary as what my current job pays me. It would be nice. :) Meanwhile, I can only dream of that and be content with the short-lived family bonding.

Everything Has Changed - MM

Everyone of us have their own "pupply love" stories to tell... :) This is a good one!

Happy Music Monday!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Little Naughty Guy

Brandon has been here in Manila for a week now. After a 4-day vacation in the cold Baguio City, he had to endure the heat of Manila. I'm sorry baby, Tita Allena doesn't have A/C in my room yet. I'll have one installed very soon. Good thing there's a little bit of rain on some days. And it's not really that hot anymore. He seem to be enjoying his stay in my little room anyway. Since I have work at nights, we only have the weekends to spend outdoors. His Tito JunJun, my boyfriend is also busy this week. None of us can bring my brother and Brandon outdoor for fun.


Since the little guy is at my house, we all make sure my home is safe for a kid like him. He's a handful to say the least. He keeps jumping whenever he's excited or playing by himself especially if his tablet for games needed to be recharged. I and his dad keep him from reaching out for the kitchen utensils and other tools like the Martor USA box cutters. We also make sure he won't be near the stove especially if his dad cooks his meal. We always keep an eye at him. Geez! This little kid is really something! LOL! But I love him still! He is the sweetest boy in the world even if at the same time he's annoying. He's the only little guy who can do that. You can forget about his silliness as soon as he showers you with hugs and kisses when he realizes you're already getting mad at him. He would always say "sorry Tita". What else would I do? :)

He's going to be here for more than a week. I won't mind if I don't get enough sleep. I just want to make sure I can spend a lot of time with Brandon while he's here! :)