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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Music At Work

Work has been tiring lately. There were too many orders to process and some other things that needed to be accomplished aside from answering customer service related calls. But just like what my friend told me, it really isn't like this every day on my job compared to hers.

I'm thankful because in the company I work for, they're really not strict about bringing phone at work. As long as we don't use it the whole shift. I can call my family especially if there's a need to. The most important thing that my phone does is that I can use it as a radio. I can listen to the music I stored in it and also listen to FM radio stations. I would have better music if it's plugged in an akg k77 headphone but I'm afraid I'd be concentrating on the beautiful sound the songs played in my favorite radio station. I won't be able to do my job well. :D

Music is the only thing that makes me relax especially if my work becomes tedious. I'm still thankful even though I can't sing out loud at work since it's prohibited, I can still listen to my favorite songs once in a while.

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RichRed said...

But I agree with you, Allena, playing music at work gives an energy boost to the listener! Listen to catchy, upbeat tunes on your MP3 and you'll notice the difference in yourself :)