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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Music At Work

Work has been tiring lately. There were too many orders to process and some other things that needed to be accomplished aside from answering customer service related calls. But just like what my friend told me, it really isn't like this every day on my job compared to hers.

I'm thankful because in the company I work for, they're really not strict about bringing phone at work. As long as we don't use it the whole shift. I can call my family especially if there's a need to. The most important thing that my phone does is that I can use it as a radio. I can listen to the music I stored in it and also listen to FM radio stations. I would have better music if it's plugged in an akg k77 headphone but I'm afraid I'd be concentrating on the beautiful sound the songs played in my favorite radio station. I won't be able to do my job well. :D

Music is the only thing that makes me relax especially if my work becomes tedious. I'm still thankful even though I can't sing out loud at work since it's prohibited, I can still listen to my favorite songs once in a while.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Keep Calm, I'm Only 30!

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I was in a company of friends yesterday, Irene and Jane. Irene, like the way she always does, kept joking me all week about leaving them in 20's. And said the same joke yesterday to which Jane replied, "Are we supposed to hold a despedida party?". :D Silly girls! But I love them still.

Yeah, I'm 30! And a lot of people (friends and loved ones especially) make a BIG deal out of it! LOL! What's with being 30? It's just a number, isn't it?

Well, I know most of these friends and loved ones mean well. Maybe they wanted to see me happy being married and have kids of my own and successful and maybe... uh...  rich? :D Well, I'm not there yet. I wish I am. I hope I could.

I always tell them that I'm not in a hurry to settle down. Sometimes I mean it. But there were days that I wish I was what they're wishing me to be. Sometimes it makes me feel sad. Ah! The pressure of ageing!

Guess what? I don't want to cry today and make a melodramatic post like I used to do on my 20's. Haha! In fact, I never had that birthday blues days before today. Congratulations to me for not being such a cry-baby!

There's so much to be thankful for in my life. I have great friends and my family who are always there for me. A lot of them are miles away now, but thanks to social networking sites, I can still get in touch with them. And I know pretty well that they love me! What's not to love about me, anyway? LOL! And I love them back... very much! To my friends who are near (you know who you guys are!), thanks for putting up with my craziness and always making me laugh. Thanks for always being around! 

I'm thankful for my Mom, for teaching me to be tough yet caring and help me become the woman I am today. I love you, no matter what!

And to You! Thank YOU for always being there. Thanks for making me happy. And... we'll see. :D

Most of all, I thank God for this life. Although there are hard times, I know He's never left me. I thank God because although I'm not rich in worldly possessions, he gave me things that money can't buy - my family, my friends and most of all, my FAITH! Thus, I'm happy and content. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for everything!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

April First!

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It's the 1st day of April! Hah! I'm excited about what this month is gonna bring me!. :) I really hope it's going to be filled with fun and happiness and bliss. Same goes to all the remaining months of this year! I'm just excited about my birthday, that's all. Although I still don't know how I'm going to celebrate it. I just want good vibes days before my natal day, that's all. :)

And oh, today is April Fools Day. I'm just not in the mood to fool anyone today. But who knows? I got a lot of time left to think of something. Hmm... :D

Have nice 1st day of April guys!