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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Best Part Of My Vacay Is With Kuerdas Band

I very seldom go back to my hometown that's why whenever I'm there, I make the most of my stay. I spend a lot of time with my family, relatives and some of my friends. There are still a lot of my friends that I haven't spent time with but I know that I'd be able to hang out with them on my next vacations. Sigh. Vacations are really quite short, you know. First thing you're having a great time and the next thing you knew, you have to catch your flight back to where you're living a life working so hard and save some money for your next homecoming. I always can't wait for my next vacation.

The best part of my vacation is always spending time with my previous bandmates - the Kuerdas Band. They have become the most famous band in GenSan playing cool Reggae music in town. And I'm just glad that whenever I watch their gig, they always allow me to sing some songs with them on stage. And I like it very much although we play the old songs that we used to playback when I was part of the band. I still love singing them and we always were able to play the songs without practice. LOL!

My cousin Jayson, the band leader, told me his plan about turning a part of his house into a recording studio. I really think it's cool! Not only will they have a better place to practice their songs, they can even record it professionally. :) He said he's also planning to make a profit out of the studio, of course. Aspiring bands in GenSan and other musicians can rent the place for hours and do their rehearsals there. This is actually something that my cousin has long been planning to do. And it's about to come true. He still have a lot of recording equipment to invest in including a shop maschine mikro so he can further enhance the music that he can create in that studio.

I'm really happy seeing my former bandmates pursue their passion. I am so proud of them to say the least. Hopefully on my next homecoming, I'd be able to set foot in that music studio and jam with the band. And of course, spend the best time of my vacay once again! :)

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