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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Breathed A Sigh Of Relief

When DST (Daylight Saving Time) began last week, I was given a new schedule at work. It is my dreaded schedule, actually. It's 2 hours earlier than my previous shift - 9:00pm til 6:00am. It sucks!

Here are some of the reasons why I don't like this schedule:

  1. It's rush hour. You know how it is when it's rush hour here in Metro Manila. I can't ride the bus. Even one of those "killer bus". Hehe. The ordinary bus I chose as my mode of transportation during my late shift because it brings me to the office even if I have to get there in like 10 minutes. :D It's very seldom that there was traffic in EDSA on my previous shift. I can't enjoy the bus ride anymore or else I'll get stuck in traffic and won't get to work on time. So I have to endure running or brisk walking from my house to the MRT station and get sandwiched inside the train because it's too crowded. It's time for most of the commuters here in Metro Manila to go home from work. 
  2. I always look like I ran a mile when I get to the office. Not that I smell unpleasant. I just don't like the sweaty feeling first thing at work. It really makes me uneasy.
  3. I can't perform some of my duties at Church before going work. Not like what I do on my previous shift. I was able to join bible studies, weekly meetings with co-officers and visit some church mates. I can even hang out with friends at Church for an hour or two sometimes. But I wasn't able to do all these since last week. Sigh.
  4. I can't go on with some chores after my work. Banks, grocery stores and most of the establishments where I have to pay my bills at are still closed at 6 o'clock in the morning. So I have to go home first and wait for 9:00 am to strike before I can start doing some personal chores. Sometimes I get lazy and forget about doing them because when I get to my pad, all I wanted was to be either in front of the t.v. and watch my favorite shows or make updates online (Facebook and Blogs). Or doze off to la-la-land. :)
I got a mild sprain on my right ankle right now. I was in a hurry to get to the train last night that I accidentally fell from the last 3 steps of the stairs and twisted my ankle. It only hurts a little bit now since I' put cold compress on it during my shift at the office. I just hope it won't swell. I remember my colleague telling me last night that my schedule is going to kill me. LOL! 

Well guess what? My boss brought a good news for me today. :D I think it's an answered prayer. I won't be in this shift for long! Yehey! I'll be on a 10pm schedule very soon! 

And here's what's going to happen on my 10pm schedule:
  1. I won't have to endure the crowded MRT. I can have the option to ride the bus going to work. 
  2. I won't be all sweaty when I get to the office. 
  3. I can then perform my duties at Church. 
  4. And, lastly, I can go to the bank, pay my bills and do my groceries after work.

How's that for a good news? :D 

I can now breathe the sigh of relief! Hah! Thank You, Lord!


Cher said...

yay! that's good for you! how awesome it is to have a work schedule that fits our lifestyle.

i hope your ankle is fine now. :)

Rovie said...

It seems like you really have an active and busy life Ally. It's good that you will be in your preferred work schedule pretty1 soon.

Have fun at work and good care of your health.

mhie@smarlk said...

I hear yeah! But remember life is unfair and that's why we're all striving on our best to have a balance life. Just check if you could pay some of your bills online so it gives you some break. Sorry to hear about your ankle,hope you feel better everyday.

cheerful said...

i fell sorry reading the first part...i can truly understand your reasons but glad to read that in the end, you will be going back to the shift/time that you like. indeed, an answered prayer...:)

Lainy said...

AMEN to that!

It look like your hands are tied and you feel all the more crippled because of the new sched.

Good thing it want back to the old sched but not after the injury that you've had. Nonetheless, God is good. All the time :-)

Lainy said...

AMEN to that!

It look like your hands are tied but you feel all the more crippled because of the new sched.

It's a good thing you're back to the old sched but not after the injury that you've had. Probably your remembramce for that dreaded sched. Hahaha! Nonetheless, God is good. All the time.

betchai said...

oh, that's good for you that you have a schedule change, i could imagine the rush hour when you leave home for work, that must be very tough indeed.

Dhemz said...

wow, that's a good news! and what a relief...:)

lencilicious said...

good news indeed. Here, we enjoy DST because we have more sun to cherish and light our way.

Just always take care of yourself.

Anna said...

Good for you sis. Me, i really can't handle graveyard shifts, im such a sleepy head hehe.


riz said...

is that schedule also called the graveyard shift?
at least you are free during the day. but it must've hard to catch sleep in daytime.
good luck.

papaleng said...

Your Boss did a great change of heart. So nice to hear that your new sched fits your taste. Just asking, ano ministry mo sa church?