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Friday, March 1, 2013

Denied Globe Phone Plan Application

What a day to end February. I got denied for a Globe Phone Postpaid Plan. Sigh.

I was almost excited to own a Samsung Galaxy Note II. I thought it would be that easy to apply and get approved. I accomplished all the requirements as soon as I can but got the unexpected result. Maybe, it really is not time for me to own one yet. I will have one of those nice phones not too long from now, I promise! :D

Hey, it's Friday! And it's the first day of March! I won't let that declined Globe Plan application ruin my day! There are a lot more to be happy and thankful about. :)

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Anonymous said...


was there a reason why you got denied? I sent my application last week. And someone from globe verified my info and called our HR for emp verification. I'm just wondering their classifications for declining? If you don't mind sharing what happened? thank you