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Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Friday Pot Lock

A friend of mine asked me to go out with her and her husband last Friday. They were invited to a pot lock hosted by the their friends who are doctors. The party included families of ministers including the family of the doctors. There was food, music, chatting and swimming at the pool for the little kids.

I said yes to the invitation because my friend who invited me wanted a sidekick. LOL! She's a young wife to a minister at Church and she's still adjusting to being friends with older and kind of richer people. She's just a simple girl and is still learning how to mingle with older and quite famous people at Church. Although she knows that sometime soon she had to.

Anyway, so there we were at the beautiful house. My friend and I chatted and laughed at times while waiting for lunch to be served. I was already feeling exhausted since I had work the previous night. I read some magazines on the table. Although the hosts are doctors, I didn't see any health magazines and even best cigar magazine on the rack. I just saw bunch of beauty magazines and browsed a little bit. When my friend and I got bored, we watched a movie on the home theater.

It was really a beautiful house. I get a bit dreamy when I was there. The hosts were kind enough to share their home with the ministers at church instead of going somewhere else by themselves and enjoy the long weekend.

I feel really exhausted when I got home but it was a good party. I'm glad I joined my friend and had a really wonderful time.

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