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Monday, March 4, 2013

A Gift Idea For My Mom's Birthday

My Mom's birthday is fast approaching. She's turning 67 years old this coming March 13. The good thing this year is that her birthday will not fall on a Friday. She's scared of celebrating her natal day outside her home whenever it's "Friday the 13th". Would you believe she's not superstitious? :D

Anyway, I still don't have an idea of what gift to give to her on her special day. I've already given her a microwave oven that she wanted last December which she doesn't even know how to operate. I hope it's still working until now. I don't have time to visit the malls yet because of my busy schedule but thankfully I got Coupon Chief coupon codes that I can use to purchase online. I'm thinking about getting her something from Brylane Home. I know how much she'd appreciate some home appliances. If I'd give her a jewelry of some sort, she'd just tell me she still have a lot of them in her jewelry box. LOL! I know for sure I can buy something that she will really like.

I live faraway from home. It's very seldom that I celebrate my Mother's birthday with her. I feel bad that it's going to be the same this year since I don't have enough savings to pay for my plane ride. Although I know the best gift I can give her is to be present on her special day.

Well I know for sure that my Mom will understand. Hopefully my phone call on March 13 will be enough for her and that she gets her presents on time.

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