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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Woke Up At The Wrong Side Of The Bed

I was really pissed when my boyfriend woke me up early last night. I set my alarm at 8 o'clock pm yesterday so I can get enough sleep. Then at about 6:45pm, there was a sudden banging at the gate. Sigh. It wasn't time to wake up yet. As soon as I opened the gate, he told me to change clothes because there was an errand he needed me to do at the Church. Geez! I really wanted to punch him in the face. First, the I was really mad at him last night but I didn't have a choice but to do the task since I was the only one who'd be able to do it. Or else, him and I will be screwed.

Anyway, I'm still glad I did the task last night because I won't have to wake up early tonight for the worship service. I've already accomplished that last night after I was done with the task my boyfriend asked me to do. It just was difficult to wake up at the wrong side of the bed, I guess. I hope he won't wake me up early this evening though.

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